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  1. LordAinz

    CB trap kill

    nope... i just find it refreshing to kill CB in that CW... got killed by some random acc spec putting tower on cora side [i lose 3k cpt just for that 1 death).. its frustrating because they know the kill will not show who the owner of the tower and thus i cant report them for breaking mou.. so yeah.. it was like justice for me... hahaha
  2. LordAinz

    Break MOU

    CW2 today(09/14/2019) @ 20+ mins Chip: 22% IGN: . PS: I just want to ask what's the punishment for breaking MOU because this happens almost everyday with bells (i know most acc follow it during cw3)..
  3. LordAinz

    Population count after the Update

    early morning in Asia... look at stats for CW2 now. A: 82; B: 303 C: 78... A+C=160... its around 50-60% of the bell population... what changes are you talking about? lol
  4. LordAinz

    Break MOU

    09/05/19 CW2 @15-20mins IGN: AsmoD PS: Bells killed other players after me... the chip was about 30% (you can see at the minimap that at around 25-26% cora was already wiped... this repeated breaking of MOU is alarming.
  5. LordAinz

    this is alarming

    As a relatively new player, i understand what you mean... i dont have anything to do most of the time... farm in elan? bells own it... farm in elf? same thing...farm/lvl in lume? i wish,,,, benteng? hahaha... i understand that they really dont have any control of the bandwagon but this is just plain unhealthy... even CW is pointless... the pvp is just bad for the other races.. afterneath, bell dodge, multi account log in, putting towers under MAUs etc... so even if some of our councils say to just enjoy PVP... its just not fun being perma stunned... PS: Not Whining or anything... just saying what i feel about the issue... I've played in different servers now and i can say that this usually leads to the death of the server.. and i just dont want that to happen because this is the only english speaking server i found that has a relatively good number of players...