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  1. jhay


    lol I did not realize AWS is more expensive than GCP until I saw this https://kinsta.com/blog/google-cloud-vs-aws/
  2. jhay


    Yeap no worries. Although, I am glad that my intent was clearly understood.
  3. jhay


    No swell. Thanks!
  4. jhay


    Sidenote: I like how SEE is following this thread lol
  5. jhay


    Exactly the point why I asked if it's possible. Obviously software abuse is a potential problem, although security is already in place, certain levels can be added on top of the existing process to mitigate the risk. I guess your capacity to understand the question is limited to what you've stated so far, but I accept your opinion and It's simple if it's possible then great! else all good, no issues. Additionally, I don't need a bot to do all the work. I can buy Vote Points whenever I want or patiently vote everyday. Unfortunately for you, You thought I'm just some random guy showing off. No Sir, My job is to develop an interface with different API's. Currently I have, Etihad Airlines, Qantas Airlines, AeroMexico Airlines under my belt ... and that's what you call a proper show-off. If you don't know them then Google it!
  6. jhay


    Lol so Hitler you're half right about that BUT in somewhat more technical terms the site sends a request to cloudfare then it handles the routing so you could get a response in a most efficient way. So by default the request that you send goes to cloudfare, which means the request to perform a member validation may or has to pass through them in the same request body. I am merely just trying to create a way to vote without ever the need of going to the gamecp website. I believe that answers your question.
  7. Hi Admins and Devs, Was wondering if it's possible to make independent calls to your endpoint https://extreme.rzr.web.id/? At the moment, I do see that you perform your member validations through https://ajax.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/scripts/****/*****/****.min.js And some other stuff that not needed to be mentioned. Any response is greatly appreciated.
  8. jhay

    Problems buying items

    RELOG, you should have it. Usually happens when your bag is full. Did you buy it using quantity or bought them separately?
  9. jhay


    Any event for non FB users?
  10. jhay


    Yeah I wanna about this too, technically it's not part of the memory file but with the install file. But would like to double check with GMs/Admins
  11. *** I keep getting this error today, any idea how to fix this? Already attempted to re-download the client then repatch, etc ... ***
  12. Yeah I thought thay was fishy too. Although please bear in mind this is not an official complaint, but just me asking people if they see anything. I appreciate that you took time to check it!
  13. If you think someone cheated or used third party program, here's a recording from today's LUME PVP. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juCVD5W0TGM
  14. So ... I just wanted you to scroll down. lol just kidding, this is truly helpful. Thank you for your attempt to clarify things more.
  15. 1pc Judecker and 2 pcs Beloperon. All for 2MP