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  1. jhay

    Tower + Stealth Cheat?

    I guess that's fair play.
  2. jhay

    Tower + Stealth Cheat?

    Im not sure what you meant by being accused earlier? This is the only post that I've put up in this thread or anywhere else. (Too guilty?) You're the one who's prolly a kid, in reference to my inquiry before, I did say if it's not a cheat then explain how it works. As simple as that. I do understand some player would complain immediately, but is it a problem to ask and put up a topic if you're not fully aware of? Think before you react kiddo'. Tell your parents to get you some toys, a dolly should be enough for you.
  3. jhay

    Tower + Stealth Cheat?

    Correction for IGN, it's actually Rajungan
  4. Race: Bellato IGN: Ranjungan If this is not a cheat then explain how exactly it is being done. I mean is it really possible to go stealth in just 1 or 2 secs? Screenshots definitely shows that there are no blind spots.
  5. jhay

    this is alarming

    see that is exactly one of the problems! event PBs should be spawned in each race' HQ's regardless of their population, this will if not avoid then would definitely lessen the number of players who likes to hop into different races. based on your statement, the race who has the largest number, gets the worm.
  6. jhay

    Donation for players from CANADA

    Been thinking about it, gonna wait until server balance gets fixed first.
  7. jhay

    this is alarming

    Equality would mean that DODGE and DEFF given to all races should be equally match, (excluding the effects of armors or elementals or weapons). Equity also means that a certain race has been given with a capacity to break even with the other race due to it's nature (character design in this case) A good server should have a well-balanced approach in these entities, otherwise sooner or later the popularity comes to a halt. (ref. RF FREEDOM and RF Bloodline)
  8. jhay

    Donation for players from CANADA

    cool! Thanks for the information. I'll give him a ring as soon as I get a chance to decide. Although there was a time that you told me something about farming your way up, I think I found a way to do just that. - You're my only friend LOL
  9. Other than through paypal, it would be great if canadian money is also accepted. (CREDIT / DEBIT) Currency: CAD - Canadian Dollar