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  1. RFplayer21


    so sad, no more action for breaking MOU, bells will keep on repeating it. as they doesnt care.
  2. RFplayer21

    Cora Syah (spamming kills)

    Seriously bro? you dont know that there is a ether scroll tp? After revive u can just click it and you will be there in seconds.
  3. RFplayer21

    Cora Syah (spamming kills)

    He keeps on repeating spawning 3 accs and 1 bell like a normal mobs in dota and MOL. He is so desparate for kills. lol
  4. Is this bannable?? just curious as he keeps on killing his 3 acc and 1 bell account simultaneously in same ether TP area. maybe he wants 1000 kills lol.