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  1. ExtremeArmsDealer


    You drunk bro? Bellato wins CW2...
  2. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Para sa mga aktibo araw araw.

    Cora PH Guild (Active Main Characters) Sinu sino dito naglalaro araw-araw? gawa tayo PH Guild at pinoy lahat, para pag CB isa sa atin. Buong guild aktibo, parang assorted kasi tignan dami nang guild eh iilan lang naman nag oonline dun, diba mas maganda pag open mo ng guild list online 5 page, 50 players yung main di farmer. Pag meron malakas dyan pwede maging GL sali mo ako, araw2x ako online every week paiba2x guild nag hahanap ng active na guild.
  3. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Jewel Cube "JC"

    What is the spawn time routine of this mini monster? i tried 30mins(NO) 1hour(NO) 1:30mins(ON) 2hours(NO) i cant wait/search that more time enough, so i go here to ask. If ever random spawn time, can it fix into at least 30mins/1hour spawn time? for more PVP zone in OC/BM maps.
  4. your friend? that farmer @ lume is me, and you forced me to give gold capsule or you gonna destroy my towers. When we started become friends? sorry but we're not friends, you act as blackmailing farmers for your supplies. Now you cry because you face your real enemy? tsk tsk learn your lesson now kid. #STOPBULLY
  5. WOW idk this ExPlayer cries too, even though he bully a lot of Accretia lowbie @ lume by chaosing them and asking for gold capsule or he will destroy all your towers. Now you meet your real enemy then... Look at his bag, 80 chaos potion only bully brings that much,
  6. ExtremeArmsDealer

    acc players sabotage my account

    No.1 Rule in Online Gaming, is never share your accounts. Unless you share it from friends in person that you can blame personally, not in online which will make you think who is the primary pilot suspect of your account by doing things you don't like. You should learn somehow on your situation right now.
  7. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Forums Account: Cover Photo?

    Like this one sir, i did pm him but no reply for now.
  8. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Forums Account: Cover Photo?

    not in message photo sir, the profile cover photo;
  9. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Forums Account: Cover Photo?

    up! anyone knows how??
  10. ExtremeArmsDealer

    Forums Account: Cover Photo?

    How to set cover photo, here in forums?
  11. ExtremeArmsDealer


    Its been a lot of breaking MOU Rules, abuser. This must take in action, so the rules will take effect against any odds of situation.
  12. ExtremeArmsDealer


    PRICE CHECK for Gold Bar Box (GBB)? Accretia Market = ? Metal Plate Bellato Market = ? Metal Plate Cora Market = ? Metal Plate
  13. ExtremeArmsDealer


    B> DAF - Set +7 Favor = 15MP B> DAF - Arms +7 Grace = bought from BooHoo. B> DAF - Arms +7 Darkness = 5MP B> 3 Halostone Set = 15MP
  14. ExtremeArmsDealer


    Additional: B> DAF - Pants +7 Favor = 3MP
  15. ExtremeArmsDealer


    B> DAF - Set +7 Favor = 15MP B> DAF - Arms +7 Grace = 5MP B> DAF - Arms +7 Darkness = 5MP B> 3 Halostone Set = 15MP