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  1. eLrandom

    Suggest for the next update

    Also.. change reset time for CPT before CW2 starts.
  2. eLrandom

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Relax... I've been here for 4yrs+ this 3 weeks+ owning of Accretia is no match before with Bellato owning for 2 months both Accretia and Cora having issue of ghost town but still Bellato goes down after the MT arrives. For now, either we/you hibernate until the next MT arrives or just play along the psywar join Accretia Empire, farm/quest and get CB reward so on next MT you can trade those supply back to Cora. Because I've done everything i could to help out Cora but seems the Damage Output isn't satisfied me versus they're defense power. So i am an active XTR player, then i choose the option pyswar while waiting the next MT. +PYSWAR will test the limit of all hoppers to boredom in PvP's. No reds/enemy useless HR3/CB-Aura so either they go back to they're perspective race or this boredom continues...
  3. @Foxis sir, what is your PC spec? cause I am using low end spec PC and play as low resolution as possible especially LIGHT OFF patch. And I am planning to upgrading into mid spec PC, I am worried about that even mid spec PC might cause lagg too with those Armor/Booster/Weapon Lightning Effects which is i want to play in full screen mode with high graphics ON also LIGHT ON.
  4. eLrandom

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    additional help tips, you need to be premium mode to increased inana exp's greatly. I have 2 inana Lv75 now,
  5. eLrandom

    [TUTORIAL]: Inana Healing Support

    Cool, but is it safe to use 3rd Party Program just to do the healing thing? @Izzy please verify if we are allow to do this, thanks! @DiocampoJ btw my inana is now Level 69 almost there, thanks you for the info's and guidelines.
  6. eLrandom

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    I am interested to this method, so how many days it took to reach max level 75 and max heal 57k?
  7. eLrandom

    Ingin tahu alasan sebenar nya SEE di banned

    Its already a given that he had spend much to his character, but let's not bring that up... we all concerned here is because he just got permanent banned unaware, he trusted this kAto to managed his account i think 1month or 2months more because real owner of SEE might be busy on his life for the mean time i guess. Unfortunately the result was bad, and kAto left him a very big problem which makes him disappointed.
  8. We will support for your come back sir SEE.
  9. eLrandom

    acc players sabotage my account

    No.1 Rule in Online Gaming, is never share your accounts. Unless you share it from friends in person that you can blame personally, not in online which will make you think who is the primary pilot suspect of your account by doing things you don't like. You should learn somehow on your situation right now.