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  1. Misak

    Population count after the Update

    Actually you are right darah. The server itself needs new attraction for new players and old players to come back. i am also one of those players that end up losing enthusiasm in playing since the game is getting boring. aside from imbalance of population. i'm not actually a very old player in the server. i started playing in this server 4th week of July. but i'm also aware of whats wrong in the server.
  2. Misak

    this is alarming

    its been a month or so, i started playing this server. the numbers are decreasing drastically in cora and acc. and increasing massively in bells. i know some people will choose cora or acc for a challenging game, but with the system like this that 1 race owns everything? its gonna be dead real soon if there is no action from the highest order. i myself lose enthusiasm on playing anymore. but still playing for 1-2hrs daily (checking farm spots if available, if not then log off.)
  3. is there any possibility to recover my missing pvp points? before the reset i got 100k+ pvp points. but after the reset the temporary points didn't add up to my certain points. (before the reset i reborn my character and points already missing i thought its just a visual bug and will return after i reach my max level again. but in this case it didn't reappear.)
  4. Misak


    oh! i see.. thanks for the answer!
  5. WHY DOES MY DRAGON +6 cant be extend to 7th slot? picture below for some details.