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  1. this happened 1 minute before votings end. since i was asking around who to vote. Amane or SEE. there are some not so popular players want Amane as RL. so i asked Exdeath who should be RL.. so he said *Sweety80*. well i asked 'surely?' so then. i vote sweety all the way(the thing is i have a lot of votes).. LMAO. im just following orders.. EDIT : It's not other race trying to ruin votings. Also done breaking all my items. and officially quiting. NO KARMA TIMES given to the Bells RL last week anyway.
  2. YumiHaruka

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    i used sniper siege kit too. but we all know that its not possible to hit invi players unless you see them.. on that video i didnt even see him before he used his mantle.
  3. YumiHaruka

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    well i did a video of that constant number here. (http://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/1387-im-starting-to-annoy-to-play-this-game/?do=findComment&comment=6228) But as you can see in video. i didnt go within your range. and i checked that with my ACC.. ill make video later.
  4. YumiHaruka

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Max Range Hit Chain Rocket Lmao on INVI IGN: Vi Video: https://streamable.com/t8anq
  5. YumiHaruka

    How to Bypass MAU

    Due to those stupid players that blocks NPC's. im here to show how to use the NPC they are blocking.. 1st Way to bypass it First: View Range 5-7 is good Second: Move far away from the NPC until you dont see the MAU Third: Click on the NPC you want. Fourth: press Space once you are near it. Video: https://streamable.com/5y0c7 2nd Way to bypass it First: move at the middle of the NPC Second: Zoom IN Video: https://streamable.com/rsb2w EDIT: Btw, 2 player blocking it here named "ReaperXD" and someone from Guild Nibros
  6. YumiHaruka

    Last report

    Uhm. as i can see about Ceira. you will notice that she's in SZ at 00:25.. and just buffed at 0:39. tell me if im wrong.
  7. YumiHaruka


    damn. you can play on that ping?. I think the server is using OVH as host. which is very good., most OVH IP starts with 139.99 or 139.98 :3
  8. YumiHaruka


    Save Player: CTRL + Number Recall Player: Press the Number Video: https://streamable.com/vwozc
  9. YumiHaruka

    Mau bugging storage

    IGN : Golden Report: Placing MAU in Storage Video: https://streamable.com/02jce
  10. YumiHaruka

    Break MOU CW1

    IGN : PCX TIME : 4:20AM(INDO) Chip HP: 31% His Reason: Someone Broke MOU in Bells. so he killed me..
  11. YumiHaruka

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    Well i guess it wants me to go back to Cora and do my upgrade there. thanks for the tips. lmao
  12. YumiHaruka

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    when there's good donation promo. ill go back to cora. ahaha
  13. YumiHaruka

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    I'll just be back when there's a good donation promo for DarkRay and Onyx again.. :3 Gonna spend some here for a while. lmao
  14. YumiHaruka

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    After Breaking my 20PCS Dragon Afterneath. its time for me to focus on playing on my other game. and just do CW here. xD Link to Video: https://youtu.be/haWrL4jZZS4
  15. YumiHaruka


    It doesn't much make more sense if there's no enemy. lmao