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  1. Hi everyone! With the recent changelog, GM Izzy mentioned that there is a new weapon called "Fallen". Does anyone have an idea on where can we find this weapon? or how do we get it? For those who haven't checked/seen what it looks like you can see the post of GM Izzy on the Rf Extreme Facebook page.
  2. Hi everyone! I am posting this to clarify details about CW MOU. Because I've been seeing a lot of people seems to abuse the rules, maybe they don't understand the rules itself who knows? That is why I want to hear all your thoughts about this just to make it clear for everyone, and even for us who are new in this server. This is for the benefit for everyone. Hence, I am expecting serious and logical answers from those who are playing here for years. Ok, let's begin with the post of Sir Izzy regarding the rules of CW MOU. First question: "The race who won last CW will be attacked by 2 races." For example, bells won last CW. Therefore Accretians & Coras will attack bells on present the CW. This is very clear, but how come a lot of people are complaining "Breaking MOU" when bells kill other races by defending their chip or counter break the attacker's chips (ACC/CCC)??? Isn't it obvious that bells will retaliate against the attacking races to defend their chip? Same with coras and accretians if bells will counter-attack either of their chip, isn't this a legit move? Second question: "Killing HSK, alliance between both losing races on present CW" For example, Accretians won present CW, Therefore coras and bells will unite to kill HSK. This is a clear and logical move, but how come a lot of people complaining/reporting "Breaking MOU" when the two losing races fought for the LH on HSK, similar to the rules of CW MOU "KS when under 20%"?? Is it really against the rules to fight for the LH of HSK??? Because the race that LH HSK will get the loot, or is it whether LH or-not loots are free for all races to loot?? Again, I posted this not to rant about other players, I want to clarify these for the benefit of everyone. Since I've been seeing a lot of complaints on breaking MOU even though if you check it on the rules it is a legal move. All players of the 3 races should understand fully the rules of MOU. To avoid misleading Infos and even false-accusations which is very unpleasant and unfair. Therefore, I want to make sure that all of the leaders of the 3 races and the players really understand the MOU. And most of all I hope that the leaders of the 3 races will not tolerate false-accusations and misleading information. Like putting sanctions on those toxic players false-accusing and providing misleading Infos about MOU. I am hoping for everyone's positive feedback on this. Thanks!
  3. What a lie, I was with bells and acc councils during the spawn time and even while waiting, I did not hit or kill anyone. What a frame up. Acc went DS towards us so we fought back. What do you expect we will not fight back after everyone of you went DS towards us. And how come your screenshot is not full as far as i know the moment I attacked ACC's is when the HSK was already dead. You are a freaking liar. What a shame, that you are so desperate trying to frame me and set me up. Show the time of that screenshot! Its easy for you accuse but cannot even show what time that screenshot was taken. Because you know that time acc and bells are fighting over the last hit for HSK. You should be the one who needs to be reported, because you are accusing other players and setting them up for your own gain.
  4. Holy smokes. :( ok thanks for the info sir.
  5. Hi! just want to ask how common the success rate in combining 3 pcs relics = 1 dragon weapon? Because, i tried twice already combining 3 pcs +7 NOV it failed twice and even destroyed 1 pc of the relic each time i tried to combine. >_< I'm trying to combine 3 pcs +7 NOV to get dragon acidbath. Is there something wrong with what I'm doing? Hoping for your positive response regarding this, Thanks in advance.
  6. KaiserX

    this is alarming

    Hi, just want to share my thoughts here. I may be considered a newbie here in this server, but I've been playing RF online since 2007 when it was first released here in the Philippines. Way back then, the first OP race really is bellato due to its MAU, then it became Cora due to its animus, then its ACC due to their increased initial stats (HP, Def, Att) which is higher than other races. Then further updates and nerfs happened. So I've tried to experiment and see the differences between the 3 races in different servers before to see which is the most OP of the 3 races. And I noticed that actually all races are balanced in different ways, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. But somehow there is still one race that can dominate in the other servers, due to opportunities that donators have that normal players don't have. However, in this server, they really balanced everything, to the point that MAU's can easily be destroyed if you have donation weapons which is not that hard to obtain. I experienced that even +7 armors you can still be killed by 1 compound siege by ACC gunners, and 1 skill combo by Coras. I even had to xclass my mage to increase my HP to survive somehow during PVP. I appreciate the efforts and brilliant minds of the GM/Admins of this server to help the lowbies/newbies by giving them start-up equips so they can farm and level up easily. I think that there is nothing wrong with stats of the 3 races, it is just that maybe old players and new players decided to move to other races because they wanted to play something different from their previous playstyle. Or maybe a different reason, who knows right? But of course, the catch is it will drastically reduce the count of that race which is happening to Coras and Accs. Because I understand that in the end, it is a numbers game. However, It doesn't mean that all the players of the race with most numbers are good contributors to the race, like those greedy mafias and toxic players, bullies etc. I hope that there is a way to boost up the players count in other races too. Like maybe, try increasing your CB prize? To motivate other players to join CW and maybe move to your race.
  7. KaiserX

    Combining Booster Clarification

    WOW, it is a very long way and pretty expensive too anyways, I'll take your advice sir thanks again :)
  8. KaiserX

    Combining Booster Clarification

    Noted Sir, Thanks for the info. Well, I might better get the boosters from GameCP. Thanks again! :) Oh, that's too bad. Thanks anyway for the info sir. It seems gamecp is the only way to get a divine mantle. Thanks again! :)
  9. Hi! Good day everyone! Currently, I'm looking for other options on how to obtain a divine mantle. Of course, getting it from GameCP is the easiest and most commonly known. However, I was thinking if is it obtainable by combining other boosters? After reading again the "Server Info" I noticed something and just wanted to verify if what I was assuming is correct or not. My first question is, Does the booster mentioned here is the booster with color green named or is it a different one? My second question is If my first question is correct, Can I use the green-colored name booster to combine and create a divine mantle? My third question, Does the PB's (Izen, Blacksign) in biolab drops the color green named boosters? or where can i farm those boosters anyway? I know that Varas PB drops the newbie boosters (Color blue name). Thanks in advance for those who will help me! :)
  10. KaiserX

    Where to get DS runes?

    Thank you so much for providing the details.
  11. Hi, I'm new on this server. compared to my previous server there are a lot of things different. Anyhow, Recently DS really got my attention, because no matter how high your dodge/deff is you will die instantly. Honestly, I find it abusive by other players just like in my previous server. However, It is part of the game. Hence, if they are doing this I might as well do it too to fight equally. Can anyone tell me where can I farm/get these DS runes? Thanks!