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  1. Eir

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    not sure if this kind of thread is straight out ignored or he just stick to his own rules about not talking this kind of matter, but either way that means this case is closed without any solution.
  2. Eir

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    i dont understand with your statement "probabilty on making dragon and Onyx is higher" when the success rate is all the same for every races. can you explain what you mean by this? im cora but i can hardly make one dragon cause all i know elf farm spot always taken
  3. Eir

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    I totally agree with ANicma I just play in this server for about a month so i dont really now what this server has been through, so I wanna share my experience in some other game which one time have similar situation with this server, so people might open up their view. There is this MMORPG game, an official server (not PS), which have population over thousands. In this game there is also a war, but unlike RF, its not a war between races, its a war between clans. The war practically the same but its not about destroying like RF (destroy chip), the objective is to capture spot (Fort and Castle), clan which capture the most spot get most bonus stats and some other stuff (similar to RF, race who destroy chip get HR). There are also event and farming spot (cause its grinding type MMORPG). Thats a little bit explanation about the game, now lets me tell the issue in that game. There is a clan called "Hostile" in this game, more than half of the top player are in this clan, they are pay-to-win type player, their equipment is the best in the server and they are very OP, and many people want to join their clan, so it get very overpopulated until to the point they make 2nd similar clan (and this 2nd clan also overpopulated). They are basically dominating the server, almost all the farm and event spot are "their" spot. Every clan war they capture about 70% of the spot. So of course this clan growing while the other smaller clan suffering cause they dont get the chance to grow. Until at one point almost all the big clan in the server start an alliance to fight against this "Hostile" clan. But guess what? even after forming an alliance we cant win. And then all the people who had enough of this situation start to quit the game little by little (so do i). And this server is practically dead now, it used to have population over thousands, and now only about hundred. Dominating over another is inevitable in PvP game like RF, because its the essence of this type of game, where you enjoy killing enemies and let them suffer. But its another story when word "over" come to play and ruin the fun that could end up make the server die.
  4. WTB Cora DAR Set +7 favor in MP sent me your price
  5. IGN KLM Kill me during CW3 while HSK on 7/13/2019