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Reduce PB Benteng spawn, From 24 Hours change to 18 Hours for once spawn Read more... ×


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  1. SogeKing

    WTS > Relic BELLS & ACC in Rupiah

    10k/pcs gan ? Twin Impact in bells
  2. SogeKing

    Best weapon?

    Ronaldo not effect cast force , just have effect offensive cancellation ( for remove buff like Velocity , acuite , agility , holy Shield ) The damage Ronaldo like Dragon spear , of bow and gun just 16k or 17k in +6 , Ronaldo +6 have 21k of ini not forget hahaha
  3. SogeKing


    Happy birthday to our boss Daughter , semoga menjadi anak yang berbakti dan menjadi anak yang Sholeha ID : joelee
  4. SogeKing

    SELL>>>8 BOB +7 [BELLS] in RP

    Ga ada Alde lu dar ?