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  1. @GOR thanks for clarification brother.. i hope this case will be end..
  2. @Jeddah and im shock of this report. Neesha put my character in dangerous .. i hope sir @Izzy can slove this issue correctly
  3. please don't report origin with sources that you don't necessarily know. SCANDAL is me, indirectly you defame me too @GOR becarefull before the justice strike back to you brother
  4. i gave SCANDAL to neesha in that day for pilot only. and now i didnt gave anymore to him.. so please clarification the issue brother . SCANDAL is mine
  5. LOL.. SCANDAL is not he's char brother.. becarefull..
  6. Alligatz

    Farewell Accretia

    there is @JustSomeone . thanks for understand them bro
  7. Alligatz

    Farewell Accretia

    here are a lot missen in the interpretation.. i as the owner of UNCLE very devastated by this news.. i will not except any money for this event because i respect this event for the future. . AND why do i say that to him ? coz im allready tell to find another free guild who are open for new player and claim the rewards.. and he still forced his right to claim the reward to me and did not meet the guild criteria.. which like us, The GrandeuR team must have 100k Contribution Point and must change Nickname / ign with the name code included.. (Like Izzy asked for every guild ).. because from this case before, there were many from other race player didnt jusk as for a guild claim / reward guild.. BUT , theyre become a spy in the team and read our movements.. i hope that @Izzy as A GM can be so attentive about this case. and this is our last conversation on whatsapp..
  8. Why do they always kill me? Please! Notice them when at ABX... I just run the Quest from the middle of the Sette, and I do not do anything to them but they always kill me....
  9. proffesional with killing questor farmer and lowbies ? and the funny thing is.. even though you or someone who are killing own race's.. and minim/near of 0 participated on repeling map! @Android17 // yeah youre right, profesional team "have they are minds" to try shut the race @Android17 @Android17
  10. thats right what you talking about Toguro.. thats why accretia always lost of lot numbers because of them, and i saw for for the situation. UNCLE try to fix or rise up accretia and help some lowbies also, but they are not let that happends and always keep toxic to UNCLE
  11. oh my Gosh that Guild Mafia, they are virus of accretia and so hate much to UNCLE (as the truth from accretia).. im so sad with this @Izzy
  12. Alligatz

    Racist. Banned please

    @Izzy please check sir izzy.. IGN : KillerG0d reason : Racist
  13. Alligatz

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    termasuk fallen jetpack kah pak?
  14. Alligatz

    Server UP changelog 11/02/2020

    i am sorry sir, but i try it still better damage from mantle 55 % attack .. then fallen 75% attack.. thanks about your agreement