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  1. Baren21

    Superb DS !!

    Lol, 25 died from 53 - 78 kills... Nice DS..
  2. Baren21

    Cora Syah (spamming kills)

    Lol, check the cast delay of that. And also the report says he is spamming spawn of the newbie chars in the same spot what is the point of using quick revival if the feeded character has to wait for another 5 mins. LMAO
  3. You can use tp pots even in battle time (except lume and elf) test it for your self. Hit any mob somewhere then tp to a certain person = escape instantly.
  4. Baren21

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    Don't use abusive words to others as I know that your don't want it to hear from them as well. Also, I play Cora char and its really offending even we are not doing anything wrong to him. He just feel bored and insulting all cora players. I hope Izzy will find this as it is really inappropriate.
  5. Baren21

    Izzy Out of Services

    Now that Izzy is back, I hope he bring back that HQ PB event because it has been a month now since the last PB HQ. In addition to that, Benteng PB is getting owned by bells. no hope for Cora and ACC.
  6. Baren21

    Cora Syah (spamming kills)

    LOL, are you a new player? Once you revive you will return to SZ then click ether scroll and he will be back to the same spot in LL or then automatic killed by syah again.
  7. Baren21

    Racist & Chaos abuser

    Yeah your are probably right, when I came there I saw the chat from L9 saying thay he is OCX, if i know that he will kill me i should have taken screenshot.
  8. Racist & Chaos abuser (DelayARC & OCX) they will kill you because you cant speak indo and they will say part of a mafia. GM Please look into this matter. Thanks.