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  1. Good day to anyone who's reading this! I would like to suggest to make the Reborn base reward "10 Metal Plate" instead of 1. WHY? I'm suggesting this for 3 Major things. 1.PVP - I notice that LJ and LUME is not that active map anymore unlike in the past years that HIGHBIES need to protect lowbies with towers and numbers in the race so they can have a mass players to push and cover. 2.RaceHopping - Yes, many of you change race when their current race loses a map, and also when you can't farm in nadir there's no other way that you can get a metal plate instead of reborn. And let's be honest not all of us are LUCKY and after a couple of minutes of leveling waiting for a lowbie to pop up in lume so you can reach level 75 and after that, you'll reborn and getting 1 metal plate despite the effort of leveling and this is not good so you'll change race in order to farm in other race. 3. Players - more and more players are beneficiaries of this if it was implemented. First is the lowbies who don't have high powered weapons and armors that getting 1 hit by the highbies and second are players who only want to PVP. if you have a good suggestion please comment down below ^_^ Let's make RF EXTREME Greater ^_^
  2. I'm an RL of bells currently and I'm using Dragon armors and Defend cape from GCP why? I see it as an advantage against all dodgers that come across my way. With fix damage + a bit sacrifice on def to use grace gloves, I will able to Execute any dodger that I can lock on with 2 skills or even 1t. I don't even need to change booster or pots. I even try to hit bells with 456 dodge using only Accu pots. and I can hit 466 dodge using Aiming booster only. I want to share this knowledge to you all since I tested it in my own. AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE S-2 RINGS
  3. Jupiter

    Changelog InGame 1/7/2020

    How do the newbies suppose to farm these? If the old combination is not working anymore, then you suppose to put a huge farm site. not a mobs that spawn for every 20 mins. 3 race will fight for 6 mobs that spawn every 20 mins and collect name cards ONLY TO GET AN ARMOR that's for another RACE! Newbies will be stuck at Relic weapons. if it's really for newcomers and lowbies why not "include" the boogie in elfland? most of the times bells handles the map of elan there's a good raid of course but not all the time if we look on balancing the number of people in each race I recommend to include elfland as a farming site for donation name cards so lowbies can farm too using towers and the raids will be more exciting of course please consider my suggestion! most of the time newbies tend to join strong forces to achieve the items that they want.
  4. Jupiter

    déjà vu

    GM pa request ng map na pwede mag farm ang mga lowbies pero bawal mag patayan Thanks more love and more power! (lume map but it's town so you can only hit mobs) \
  5. Jupiter


    wahahaha this is the funniest thing i've ever red in this forum XD low damage? are you sure?! they deal 50k ea in mau's 15k each in a pure tank what is low damage?
  6. Jupiter

    EVENT ABUSER POLL *make 'em follow set rules*

  7. Jupiter

    Guide this newbie

    Hello Good day to you! as a newbie you must read first the guides and event that is written in their website That alone will give you a chance to Craft Extreme council armors without sweat! second thing is be active... of course not only to farm items but also to know what are the things that was happening inside the game! Co'z daily there's a spawn of pitbosses that drops good elements! And that can only be obtain if you have enough certain points that can obtain through pvp! * What if i can't kill someone co'z I'm new! * worry not co'z the temp points is shared through parties. 3rd thing *let say u are active as it's written on the second* participate is the most important thing! Events is the fastest way to get items and you can read that in this forum also! glad i'd help
  8. Jupiter

    EVENT ABUSER POLL *make 'em follow set rules*

    This is why i am guarding BIOLAB since yesterday! XD
  9. Ofcourse we want to play on rules camping port with Advance Leons Cannon (tower) is a BIG NO please Take action immidiately here's the proof theres no way a lvl 50 can drop towers like leons canon
  10. Jupiter


    i know that someone will came up with this. but i assure u uprading it +7 with talics only won't destroy dragon weapons.. i wasted 10 slot of talics. and nothing happens.. due to high rate of upgrading +7 dragon weapon.
  11. Jupiter

    December Event 2019

    PVP server is composed of raids! so deal with it
  12. Jupiter


    thanks for clarifications GM how about the MASS supply of Dragon weapon from the event? our bags our full of dragon weapons or can you make an exception? like non 7 slotted dragon weapon can sell or non + 7 dragon weapons can sell
  13. i know the event is good right now but the thing is i can't sell 1 slotted dragon weapons!! GM please enable it co'z it says there that we can sell dragon weapons