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  1. Ryzak

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Now this might be a great solution, IF AND ONLY, the so-called RACE LEADERS of other race are somewhat active, I could rarely see ACC and CORA RL,Councils go online. Correct me if I am wrong but INACTIVE ELECTED OFFICERS of Accretia and Cora is one of the reason why Bellato Population went high as fvck.
  2. Ryzak

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    @Android17 @DiocampoJ @Xzieeee I do get your points, I am just stating what I did observe about. I admit I am just new in this server and I dont know those changes that has been happening, well, I think you guys should address your concerns to Izzy so that he will look into it possibly might help it to change the unbalance growth of the population of a certain race and the loss to another. One last thing, @FunnyMan you aint funny at all.
  3. Ryzak

    Race Leader

    Well, you guys should choose the right person for the said position. That's why we have VOTING SYSTEM for our respective Race Leader, so we need to vote wisely. And for the elected RL's please be responsible in choosing the right people for you Council,Strike,Def and Support Teams.
  4. Ryzak

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Let me tell you straight, at first I played as an Accretia, but, the high ranks players doesn't even care for the newbies, sorry for this but it's true, they tend to PK those newcomers, I've experienced it. I didn't play Cora for the reason that I am not too familiar with its gameplay, so I did changed to Bellato, and since then, I've seen how players in bellato shared knowledge and understanding how the game should be played, how to survive this server and most of all the camaraderie is there. As long as there in an active or online Council or any officer they will try to raid maps, help the newbies to level-up, to farm, and to be friends with. So let me ask you, why did the population of bellato grows up? given that not even the strongest players are in bellato, most of the strong once are in Cora. Why??? I think you know the answer.
  5. Why in the world there is an "im idiot" in my comment, it is supposed to be the word " F U CK " damn, does it automatically change?? Didnt know.
  6. Sometimes, people become so dumb and just randomly used the word RACISM without even considering the real context behind that word, and I say, "FUCKING" is a word that doesn't even intertwine with the word "RACISM". Since nowadays, the word "im idiot" or "FUCKING" seems to be used commonly as an expression not an insult or any racist comment. Just sayin.
  7. Reward is +6 Dragon Set of your Choice, being playing under ACC race, you could choose either (Warrior, Ranger or Launcher), then +6 Relic Weapon in connection to the Class you chose, Elementals, and Boosters. And by the way, you are only allowed to claim once, every account/ID. And it says that you already claimed it. Please check, and lastly, don't hide your IGN so that the GM will be able to trace if you already did received the reward.
  8. Ryzak

    Best weapon?

    If your'e gonna say BEST, go get Onyx.
  9. Ryzak

    Change Dragon weapon

    I guess it is not possible mate, but maybe with a right price. You should directly contact Izzy about this matter, but I am pretty much sure, this is not allowed.
  10. Ryzak


    ID: ryzak890
  11. Ryzak

    English only policy.

    Do you think you would speak other languages and understand them in a short spam of time? Your ideas and logical reasoning is good as nonsense. Here's the deal, I understand Izzy that he valued the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, but take note, there is this thing that is so called language barrier, they can talk indo,ph,br whatever language you have, but not in /all or /map chat most specially /race chat, if we cannot understand each other then you might start to think how things will go. Imagine if a certain RL will start commanding their race using their own native language, do you think everyone will understand? Do you think everyone will cooperate? Think about it. But then again, I understand the rulings of izzy, but it's all up to us players in game. Think wisely.
  12. Ryzak

    A little bit of asking...

    ^^You have a point sir. ^^No need to be harsh on your judgement sir, but well, it's your opinion thou. Point taken. Thank you! ^^Been doing that most of the time. ^^Probably. Well, it's good to hear these comments from members of the community. And I am just asking, Yes I am a newbie, in these server and I am surviving so far. With the help of some people in these server I guess, it would be a smooth and long journey, but it would be fun. Well, I just hope so. Anyway, im am just gathering information and no harms done. Cheers!
  13. Anyone of you here wanted to make the dragon items tradable? State your opinion. Me, I wanted to.
  14. Ryzak

    Can't get rid of this item?

    can't put it on bank either.
  15. Ryzak

    Referral code?

    Yeah ive also been wondering.. My friends says that there is no spot to enter the referral codes. Please advice