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  1. Ryzak

    selling account

    I say, both of them are responsible for the transaction. As a common knowledge to everyone, selling involves 2 individuals, the buyer and the seller, if Izzy has a rule that selling of accounts for real money is illegal, it's also imply that BUYING of accounts in real money is as well illegal, and is bannable. So, yeah. Indeed, since it has become the common way to eliminate other people in this server.
  2. Ryzak

    selling account

    How about punishing those who buy accounts? Because some would just like, hey I wanna buy your account, then screenshot all their conversation and just then the seller is the one that is being punished, because some people would just use this kind of way to ruin someones account. No pun intended. Just sayin. Cheers ya'all
  3. Ryzak


    Ahak dili man sad ta kasabot sa inyong gina pang storya ui, ka klaro ana nga naa sa ingles na section tapos dili mo mag ingles hay nako!
  4. Ryzak

    Changelog 23/01/2020

    I misunderstood the announcement last night, I thought the discount for DR and Onyx is for gamecp. AHAHAH!!
  5. Ryzak


    Thank you Mr. Obvious.
  6. Ryzak


    @Izzy is it possible for you to show us the Stat Options for the new Fallen set and Jetpack? Thanks in advance.
  7. Seen it.. I apologize.
  8. I dont think that's the appropriate way to respond on that matter...
  9. Since there is no on going event in ether anymore, I guess it's a YES.
  10. Ryzak

    Changelog InGame 1/7/2020

    I see, thanks for correcting me.
  11. Ryzak

    Changelog InGame 1/7/2020

    3D PB means Dagnue, Dagan and Dagon on elan? Correct me if I am wrong..
  12. Or make use of elektrio(correct me if I am wrong with the name) map, give those mobs there a boost in experience.
  13. Ryzak

    Changelog 1/7/2020 (GAMECP)

    Thanks for this Izzy..
  14. Ryzak

    Changelog 20/12/2019

    Izzy.. cant store dragon items on bank.. please check