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  1. RaizoR

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Thank you for your consideration GM. and my honors for anyone who keeps supporting me, thank you guys see you soon around I'll be back.
  2. Dear owner XTR (GM Izzy) , Through this thread I as the owner of the account RaizoR want to give an exception against my char. It just happens that my char performs an action that is otherwise forbidden by this server which is doing promotion of another RF. (executed banned permanent). Anyone who wears my char, although it is done by pilot or hacker though, RaizoR remains as RaizoR in the game, I admit it. But there is one thing I would like to tell you about the action (please see the image below) In the picture, it appears that IGN RaizoR made an invitation to play on another RF, but did not mention the name of the RF. Looking at the statement, I believe that it is quite a minor to get a Bann permanent sanction because it does not mention the RF name, reflecting on the incident that occurred in past (IGN xRavaeL Race Leader Cora in that time) conduct a promotion by mentioning the name of the RF. Such an exception I could make, Please your discretion as the owner of this XTR. It's the last attempt I can do. I'm doing this not to blaming, but merely for my precious char. If it is released, please bann char me if I make a mistake again in the future (for any mistake). If not, so this my farewell thread. Thank you
  3. RaizoR

    Councils not active

    Fully agree with this statement. unfortunately, the 1st rank on every Race is being the contribution point (CPT) collector for the sake of event CPT (but until now not reset yet). moreover, if the current RL gacha his CPT, the 1st rank will automatically register on board (system reason).
  4. mate, It was clear that HSK is nearly dead, in your picture that you also command "Prepare PVP". also for the BABS post, I'm just telling the storyline based on actually happens even though it doesn't have the record in our version (but there also a proofment on BABS post). that's why clarification is needed, so we have a different point of view. I thought both of us are not the typical person who doing force first or do such intentional fault. as a leader or council we should not make this case getting worse and endless. for the sake of our Race, we can act more wisely for the upcoming action. Thanks
  5. first of all, I hope there no misleading about this post. here is the storyline based on actually happens so you have another point of view regarding this matter. 1. Post by kAto this post was past action, and there no issue about this due to Bells are already pushed Acc when HSK nearly death (you may look there Ann (bels) on dps line acc and death also), and PVP happens as usual. 2. Post by BABS / Oinkyyyy may you look first to this picture below based on https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/1614-3mill-breaking-mou-featuring-rl-rpx/ (the first picture that uploaded). look clearly on the picture, chat /all - ign FreeStep (bels) said that ign KeepGoing (left deff team councils of bels) killing ACC, that's why some of the chaotic problems happened between ACC and Bels on Core. according to RPX said "bels vs acc please" you know if that was just a joke and nothing happened after RPX saying something like that. (if that a serious word, should there another post about abusing rules). unfortunately, this just one of the recorded, we're rarely to save something like this. may you have a better context after my clarification. Thanks
  6. this was past action and post now like a toast, wtf dude?
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    absolutely rejected. lol
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    Guild : MARKENTOT Grade : 4 Guild Leader : RaizoR
  9. RaizoR

    Strong Bellato

    Sampai jumpa di 8v8v8 guys.
  10. RaizoR

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    Lend me cora account wanna try to betray accretia
  11. Agan GM, Agan terlalu percaya pada penyataan agan sendiri, padahal yg dilaporin di thread ini adalah screenshot WA, saya tanya lagi, bagaimana agan bisa menyimpulkan bahwa dedi itu representative RPX diluar game ? Coba cek history char dan chat WA kepada agan. Kenapa awal-awal agan nanyanya ke saya ? Karena agan tau representative RPX itu saya. Ini sudah di kadar terlalu memaksakan asumsi, tp solusinya sepihak. Perihal pengaruh di luar game, semua orang punya andil dan perannya masing2 dong, kan kita buat grup wa acc kan tujuannya buat koordinasi. Wajar kalau ada player yg nanya2, "ini vote siapa?" ya pasti ada yg jawab. Mohon dengan sangat kita kembali ke konteksnya dulu.
  12. agan yang terhormat, mari kita luruskan kembali duduk perkaranya terlebih dahulu. 1. Deddy bukan owner dari RPX, agan tau sendiri siapa pemilik daripada akun itu. tetapi seolah pada point 1 disebutkan sebagai pemilik, terlepas benar atau tidak perihal konsiprasi yang agan nyatakan pada no 3 perbuatan yang dia buat pun tidak melibatkan char RPX milik saya. Pada kasus konspirasi sebelumnya ketika Deddy menggunakan ign ANCORT karena dia menggunakannya didalam game, sedangkan ini tidak, lalu relevansinya dimana? kalau alasannya hanya sekedar dia merupakan salah satu joki dari char saya maka apakah ini menjadi keputusan yang bijak? saya sebagai owner memiliki kuasa untuk mengganti password. masalah selesai. 2. point no 5 dalam pernyataan agan ini seolah hanya dia yang menggunakan RPX ketika bermain, padahal ketika menjabat sebagai Race Leader pada periode pertama saya sendiri yang lebih banyak memakai, sungguh sangat disayangkan kalau dalam hal ini deddy sebagai joki malah menjadi penentu keterlibatan terhadap char saya. 3. laporan ini merupakan keterlibatan permasalahan personal dan dalam pembuktian laporan menggunakan bukti diluar game. berarti ini menyangkut personal deddy bukan char RPX, namun kenapa char RPX yang ikut di banned? sekali lagi saya menanyakan perihal relevansi akan hal tersebut. ketika ada permasalahan pasti ada solusi, ketegasan juga diperlukan, namun perlu tepat sasaran.