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  1. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Where are you guys

    +1 me farming lume T2 traps btw if this is during countdown of CW1 expect low player online in Cora either they prefer to sleep more or they are playing other race cause we know this week Accretia owns CW1 as always. But during LTD term, -30mins before war, I can say 30-50 players are online,
  2. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    Good Job CORA, building army of healers!
  3. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Farewell Accretia

  4. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Ingin tahu alasan sebenar nya SEE di banned

    Thanks mate for keep on supporting to SEE, for now we have to respect GM's/Admin's final judgement on the Public Apology Thread. Izzy has a good hearted person, hoping maybe soon there will be an Amnesty Event for all players who got Permanent Banned and will be given a second chance.
  5. WeaponryKeeperABC

    This is a public apologize for XTR all admin

    English Translation via Google Translate: Considering the same problem as before which involved one of the users in the ACC first (and it has also been banned twice), maybe GM can consider how to take action. Equally, from the pilot's mistake that the owner does not know about and the previous one has also released, is it not fair if the SEE char remains banned where the owner himself doesn't know about the problem and is suddenly banned because of the pilot's error. Maybe GM can review it and see how it takes action from some of the same problems before. Thank you and sorry if it is not in the context of English, my English is not fluent. I am afraid that it will be a misunderstanding, people who understand English and want to translate it please.
  6. how much legend elems DEf sir? php

  7. WeaponryKeeperABC


    When you were just leveling and found these...
  8. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    Additional support x) don't give up!
  9. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    I think you're concerned is good now, with Onyx Player reinforcements for Cora x)
  10. WeaponryKeeperABC


    Better wait for the Amnesty Event, x)
  11. WeaponryKeeperABC


    Players those who register for spot then inactive on they're responsibilities should give penalty of 0 CPT or -CPT nor election register block. So new players or potential players can take the slot for good purpose not sitting inside HQ for CPT and afk in Crag Port for online status and location Crag Mining when check on Press B "Buddy List | Guild List". 1 week waiting for another attempt winning slot in election is a lot of time and days, and everybody notice this councils are inactive and palyers complain in /all but we can't do nothing because they are high CPT and automatically take the slot. #JusticeForPotenatialCouncils #JusticeForNewPlayers
  12. WeaponryKeeperABC

    When porting gone wrong, you know it's time to chill

    It happens most at dimension port.
  13. WeaponryKeeperABC

    acc players sabotage my account

    Don't be too much affected on chats/words from other players, if you don't really cheat then nothing to worry about. Calling you a cheater even you know yourself your not, is a Pro.
  14. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    well 2 failed in onyx attemp, and 1 success.
  15. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    yeah, you will feel the joy in RF Extreme when you got one on your upgrades seeing "FULL UPGRADE" word.