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  1. DiocampoJ

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Cora - Isis nerfed, it's full potential will only get triggered ocassionally, a crit based damage. If it doesn't crit, it'd only tickle its target. Staff is nerfed too. Cora - Zealot, yeah. Was once a decent class to play with, I used to slaughter a Punisher/Berserker or Xjobs even with RB in 1v1 encounters even me without any aura. But now, Zealot will only hit decent damage if you're RB/ST/RL Bellato - Dodge nerfed, accuracy requirement to hit is decreased. Gun nerfed, it's attack power is laughable. Bellato - MAU, meh.. need I say more? It's a walking scrap metal. ----- Accre on the other-hand. - Great defense - LC (+ RB buff) 1 hits anyone, literally anyone even +6 Fallen with RL aura. You'd still owe an HP when you got hit by chain rocket even if you had a Max HP at 65k. Now, what plus were you saying again?
  2. DiocampoJ

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Recent patch had it: 1. Onyx weapons have gon' shitty. (I know you'd "It's Fallen Era") But it's not a good reason to nerf a recent item. Instead, make fallen armors get tougher and Fallen weapon get more painful. As a result: People will have to obtain Fallen weapon. And not everyone had time and money to get those (not to mention, the uncertainty of slot numbers). 2. No recent maintenance fixes (good example: Call potion isn't fixed). 3. Boring battlefield. You get out, you get chained, you die. Cora / Bell barely gives a good fight with tons of LC around (not all the time but often). Dying before even landing a blow, where's the fun in that. I'd suggest to go hybernate, visit forums, vote for VP and wait for an interesting update. so.... avoid pointless arguments and..
  3. DiocampoJ

    Where are you guys

    i had a thought the countings were actually not accurate, even from before. It's like the numbers are being multiplied backend.
  4. DiocampoJ

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    Yeah, true.. it's good... but it's just that we'll have issues on reviving the inana back to full health. But it's quite awesome, I had a pure summoner on standby to cast summoner buff to 100% health on animus. Here's a sample video from the early days of me trying this stuff.
  5. DiocampoJ

    [TUTORIAL]: Inana Healing Support

    Yep, I'd also try to spam heals on someone who attempts to DS.. to avoid them from dying. It worked somehow.
  6. DiocampoJ

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    Also, everyone... Don't forget to visit this Thread: This will enable you healing your Mates by just pressing.. 1...2....3....4....5.. and so on. You don't have to actually click on your friend and press "," (comma) to heal.
  7. DiocampoJ

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    Good point, setting it to 7mins isn't actually bad at all. As for me, I just had to set it to 2mins. Because once I started healing from lv60ish, I'll never touch my other computer again until tomorrow. So I had to set it to 2mins before-hand. Happy leveling!
  8. DiocampoJ

    [TUTORIAL]: Inana Healing Support

    For as long as you don't mess with RFOnline.bin like what cheatengine does, it's safe. It's just a computer Macro that orders you computer to trigger two keys, when you press one. You're welcome, but lv69 would still take roughly 12 straight hours to get it to lv75 (49k-58k heal). If you're not aware yet, you can level your inana while you're afk.. or even during your sleep at night. Follow this thread. https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/2197-tutorial-inana-healing-support/?tab=comments#comment-10340
  9. DiocampoJ

    [TUTORIAL]: Inana Healing Support

    up ~ for cora
  10. We Coras are the least populated race, but if we play our jobs effectively.. we could give a good fight to our foes. And thus, I made this thread to encourage summoners to maximize their inana (because as we know, isis damage is often laughable). Initially, we have to click on our colleague and use the " , " (comma key) to heal right? Well, by the help of this tool, all we have to do is press numbers and we could heal our friends (or even multiple party member) effectively. The tool: download it here: https://mega.nz/file/oSw2nKTL It's called QMacro, and it's legal. Although it's a third-party application but it does not mess up on the RF.bin file that threatens RF's security. What it does is only just telling to Press another key on your computer when you press something. You don't have to install it, it's like a portable application. How to use Qmacro ? 1. Find the QMacro6 inside the folder and run it as administrator 2. Once opened, you will have this view. I have already setup a Macro that's ready to be used for Inana healing. Notice those highlighted area These are the key triggers, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And this is how the macro works. Select 1 macro and click edit 3. This is how the macro operation works, you may ignore this part as I have already setup this in the file I've shared. You would know if it worked, cause if you type "1" a comma will get triggered too How does the Qmacro work with RF ? 1. You have to control lock (CTRL + 1, CTRL + 2 and so on..) your friends (better if your party member). Video Demonstration: https://youtu.be/SoicRTQo754 Notice how my inana heals by just pressing number 1.. hope this helps. Dio
  11. DiocampoJ


    + Basco got his +7 Fallen Bow, it's quite a milestone. Last night's CW3 was great , from 0 - 100 real quick. Acc-Cora finally gets to have Bell's Chip at CW3, unlike before which often gets F3. Bells can both defend and attack because of their population. We finally have the update that we deserve (Dodge fix). Acc - Cora will now be better than we were from past the weeks.
  12. DiocampoJ

    Xjob vs Pure melee: Damage output difference

    Might not be for you, but I'm seeing quite a number of Bellato xJobs on dodge mode. But what I mean on my post is, Bellato opt for xJobs because of the perks mentioned above (hp, dmg, range and movespeed) and including dodge blessing. Not just dodge blessing alone. But it's quite a bonus.
  13. DiocampoJ

    Xjob vs Pure melee: Damage output difference

    I'm quite aware of that, but how much exactly Accre and Cora are different in terms of "individual race buff" ? does accre race buff actually outpowers Zealot's 3 attack power buffs? I highly doubt.
  14. According to some players, they would avoid Zealots in 1v1 encounters, because they're too stronk and scary. In reality, we're just good animals who need love too[. Anyway, let's get into details. Character Details: -- VS -- Item Composition: Before we dive into the actual test. Let's see what are buffs used relevant to attack power increase, individually. ------------- The number of attack power buff is pretty obvious right. Now, let's see their difference in damage in terms of "Melee attack powers" DAMAGE TEST: Skill used: Pressure Cora Zealot (left) - Accre Xjob (Right) Overall, it seemed xJob hits harder than Pure melee even the number of melee atk buffs is clearly different. All these said, xjobs are quite powerful. You'd get to enjoy hitting damage on-par (or even better) than pure melees (probably rangers too), you have the skills for both melee and ranger (6 skills) ,you have the range, wear melee armor and tank like a pure melee, run faster like a ranger since DR melee have movespeed bonus (+ 2.0 movespeed with BBC) and you'd get to enjoy the HP of a shielder too. Answers why 90% of bellato chose Bows over spears and played xjob. (What a great combination with their dodge blessing) ----- This would serve as a reference to our new joiners if they're still thinking which jobs they're going to play. And perhaps a notice to give us melees love too. We're pretty much like a punching bag during war. We're likely to die before we even land a blow. Sorry for the long post. I bet you got hungry, here's a potato.