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  1. I've already made up my mind on leaving the game, but before I do. I thought I'd have to experience how Onyx Creation goes. https://youtu.be/zRt6UU_zcOY (and so I did). It was short, but fun! Thank ya'll. I'm having my exit now. On the other hand. Some folks actually thought I'm Sweety. I just wanted to clear out that I ain't sweety. The guy seemed so mad about Sweety, what did he do to his race? Lol
  2. DiocampoJ

    WTS GP/MP any race

    GP cora price?
  3. In-game events are no more. Only spending ones (onyx - darkray promo). lmao
  4. DiocampoJ

    Buff after being revived

    With the illegal software, it's instant. I've seen videos on youtube doing the same trick from different server. If you ever see someone buffing right after he dies. 10/10 he's using that.
  5. DiocampoJ

    S> Items in cora

    Selling the following items: DAF boots +7 (favor)= 5mp DAR boots +7 (grace)= 5mp Halostone = 5mp per set -- Need MP for GP to attempt getting Onyx staff
  6. Wherever you are, there should be zero tolerance on Grave threats. May it be done virtually. Cora SabrinaCallie committed this offense. Translation: F*ck you, if I get to see you in person. I'd kill your family. The issue started when he killed all my party member because he never got to join in our party in elf. @OCX that's one offense worthy of having bounty on his head. If he ever gets away with this complaint against him.
  7. It's not a wise decision to quote the whole race for a single individual's doings. I'm from Cora myself and I have been telling this guy so many times in normal chat that his skills are cutting animations. I too have been trying to capture a good video of him doing the same stuff. It just so happen the Post Owner had his chance before I did.
  8. I've been doing experiments and these were one of my results. It's a pain in the ass since Force themselves cast their skills way too slow. Not to mention melees are good runners with BBC and their additional movement bonus buff. Takeaways: I should always bring someone to disable opponent's movements for sure kill.
  9. DiocampoJ

    CPT Discussion

    There you go. No wonder I have been getting less CPT than what most people estimated. I have been skipping the ones without CPT reward. I thought quest acquisition is only level basis. I mean, I thought you'd get to have another quest after you achieve a certain level. I never thought about quests having prerequisites. Thanks!
  10. DiocampoJ

    CPT Discussion

    My objective here is to maximize CPT acquisition per reborn. Questions: 1. How much CPT do you actually obtain per reborn? 1.1 Do All race obtain the same amount of CPT on their quests? 2. Do you actually do all quests even when you check on the quest description, it doesn't give any CPT at all? 3. Any tips for item-based quest? What specific monster do we have to kill to get the certain quest item. Thanks KONO DIO DA
  11. A very similar experience to what I have posted lately. Except that I don't have the video. hekhek. Point is, cheaters are just around the corner.
  12. Reporting AVATARGay / YourStrong from Cora alliance for being a potential racist. The story in a nutshell: 1. He was using AVATARGay a towerist with his towers around the entrance of lume. 2. When I try to go out, he went on Chaos mode and hit me on purpose, and his towers are hitting me with the intent to kill. 3. I retaliate, had my revenge.. Killed all his towers including himself. ---- The argument started when I stopped him 'overkilling' low level accretia in lume. Because personally, i'd like to have the Accretia race grow for a better pvp community. And somehow protecting their lowbies is my way of showing gratitude when Accretia fought alongside Cora against bells when we don't have much cora online. He dislike this thought of mine and started a conflict. Which in result, the screenshot. He assumed me being 'allegedly' violent against him is because I'm Indonesian. Which I'm not. to admin: I report, you judge. Thanks
  13. Good point, but I was asking if it's possible to kill a ranger x melee with 2 taps having ISIS's assistance..
  14. DiocampoJ

    Racist Cora Player!

    Apparently they've grown up. To a mentally poor individual however.