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  1. DiocampoJ

    Selling Inana 49K -57K heal

    oo seryoso XD
  2. DiocampoJ

    Selling Inana 49K -57K heal

    Selling inana 49k - 57k heal = 2GP
  3. DiocampoJ

    Bingung Saya

    Hahahahaha Old players be like sitting back enjoying popcorn
  4. DiocampoJ

    Bingung Saya

    It felt like watching a new episode without subtitle
  5. DiocampoJ

    déjà vu

    hah.. lmao, I am not completely "Blaming" you people. Cheesus, you're not getting the point. Let me sum it up. "You could have done better than killing low levels just because the councils were not around and went afk".. And this one too. Although I'm not obliged to answer this but, anyway.. Cause it's not the first time people have been bad about Bellato's inflating population. Calm your tits bud, this doesn't have to go personal. I ain't high as fu ck lmao
  6. DiocampoJ

    déjà vu

    1. Cora councils could have been doing something in real-life thus having themselves in AFK mode. If you truly find yourself compromised for cora's situation, you should have considered this. 2. This.. I believed you wanted to resume the truce after LAZAROS sits on the Archon seat, I wonder.. how many players have decided to either hop or abandon the game before then? 3. Even during the Cora council on afk mode, you should have just let the Cora lowbies go on and do their thing and kill whoever strikes your race.. I mean, what's the harm leaving the lowbies alone while Cora councils are AFK? Right.
  7. DiocampoJ

    déjà vu

    lmao. Thoughts?
  8. DiocampoJ

    Changelog 23/12/2019

    and how basic elems cause problem exactly?
  9. DiocampoJ

    Trade Relic Accre to Cora

    Alde sold Remaining: 3pcs NOV + 7 2pcs Rev + 7 1pc TI + 7
  10. DiocampoJ

    Trade Relic Accre to Cora

    My Alde +7 3pcs, Rev +7 3pcs, NOV + 7 3pcs in Accretia to your DC + 7 in cora
  11. I've already made up my mind on leaving the game, but before I do. I thought I'd have to experience how Onyx Creation goes. https://youtu.be/zRt6UU_zcOY (and so I did). It was short, but fun! Thank ya'll. I'm having my exit now. On the other hand. Some folks actually thought I'm Sweety. I just wanted to clear out that I ain't sweety. The guy seemed so mad about Sweety, what did he do to his race? Lol
  12. In-game events are no more. Only spending ones (onyx - darkray promo). lmao
  13. DiocampoJ

    Buff after being revived

    With the illegal software, it's instant. I've seen videos on youtube doing the same trick from different server. If you ever see someone buffing right after he dies. 10/10 he's using that.
  14. DiocampoJ

    S> Items in cora

    Selling the following items: DAF boots +7 (favor)= 5mp DAR boots +7 (grace)= 5mp Halostone = 5mp per set -- Need MP for GP to attempt getting Onyx staff
  15. Wherever you are, there should be zero tolerance on Grave threats. May it be done virtually. Cora SabrinaCallie committed this offense. Translation: F*ck you, if I get to see you in person. I'd kill your family. The issue started when he killed all my party member because he never got to join in our party in elf. @OCX that's one offense worthy of having bounty on his head. If he ever gets away with this complaint against him.