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Reduce PB Benteng spawn, From 24 Hours change to 18 Hours for once spawn Read more... ×


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  1. Got stocked again for GP/MP pm how many GP/MP you need when you think you wanna buy. 2pcs • DA SET WR +7 PM FOR PRICES! Payment method : • Gcash • Paypal • any Padala branch
  2. PakZ


    ID : lekro
  3. are you defending the suspect? its clearly obvious that he violate the rules about killing lowbies 1-20levels. you made me think that the suspect is maybe your char or friend?
  4. PakZ


    Ikaw gagawa ng set tapos try natin ako bibili ng set mo worth of 20php each XD im not insulting try to figure it out how hustle to make +7 DA + your time you spend to farm for those who selling or buying please make it worth for them ( for the farmers seller ). JustPassingBy. #iamnotagainstyou #wehavefreedomtospeak
  5. for my opinion is CA NPC +7 is nothing try to check the different def between CA NPC +7 than DA SET +7 or CA +6. DA and CA donate set is much better than NPC CA +7. Thats my opinion im not against your thread i just want you to realise that NPC CA +7 SET is too bad.
  6. Selling items in Cora Php or Paypal. DA Set • Warrior , Ranger. Forcr +7 set Any Relic weapons +7 Halostone set. And for Metal /Gold plates for any races many stocks! Pm me for negotiate the prices.