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  1. 09485483149

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    We not tolerate using a bug to get that accurate. Or else ezban. I hope gm will fix this. #powerranger
  2. 09485483149

    Lowbie Killer, Chaos

    Wait gm izzy response. Level 1 to 20 only immunity for this lowbie killer chaos.
  3. 09485483149


    Get rekt another new rl acc firsty time acc ban haha sad.
  4. 09485483149

    Installer Client RF EXTREME

    Make . zip WinRAR link also Izzy like b4.
  5. 09485483149


    Why u hide your in game scary to know you? Don't post edit screenshot. Already bounty that acc purple name free to kill.
  6. 09485483149

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    +1 he said. Go quit play Barbie. Or go play bellato.
  7. 09485483149

    Change Dragon weapon

    no, I think. make again +7 abscissa in your collection of +7 dragon weapon. if gm Izzy allowed this 1000usd or 500usd change.
  8. 09485483149


    i think no free change name here. just buy VP or just vote until u get VP to change the name it.
  9. 09485483149

    Best weapon?

    dragon +6 bow is better +6 relic weapon same in +7 relic weapon < +6 dragon weapon. the most best weapon is +7 dragon but hard to get.
  10. 09485483149

    Best weapon?

    anybody have a screenshot in dragon Ronaldo +6. before I buy 60VP in gcp. let me see what special effect do in Ronaldo. ty
  11. 09485483149

    saying that hes character is gm

    Haha another funnyman. Gm his mean is gay master(gm) so many gm mean. Haha Go kapa permanent closed.
  12. 09485483149


    sino meron benta jan. bili ako FF item. +7DAR(mercy) boots =20php one only +7DAR(grace,fevor,darkness) gloves =20php each +7DAR(head.pants,body)(fevor) =20php only per parts only total of 140php 7pcs parts. via palawan or ML kong ano meron jan. wala ako luman ang coinsph ko. kong meron selling mabuti kong just waiting sa selling.
  13. 09485483149


    LOSO haha
  14. 09485483149

    A little bit of asking...

    no need trade able the dragon weapon. buy vp and vote always to get VP then solve problem haha or farm CRH and halo.
  15. 09485483149


    mga taga cebu gamay oten haha