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  1. this is on my main acct.....im getting this error and then waiting for server but when i tried another account i was able to login....
  2. kuya42na

    bolivia Bug SK Fast Hit

    wow i didnt knew u could check someone else's inventory
  3. kuya42na


    if you reborn, will you loose any items you have in your inventory or those equipped to you?
  4. kuya42na

    screenshot of donation armor and more.

    i'm just wondering where did you bought the donation rings....its not on the shop only the amulet
  5. kuya42na

    More Moderators

    I see your point here Izzy. I understand the risk you're trying to avoid.
  6. kuya42na

    More Moderators

    I'm pretty sure that experienced players can answer most questions here. but sometimes its better to hear it officially from a staff member.
  7. kuya42na

    More Moderators

    I have noticed that its only Izzy who moderates the forums and answer questions. he also appears to take care of other stuff here, that being said I know he is a busy guy and he won't be able to answer the questions posted here right away. so I'm suggesting to have at least 2 moderators active. that way Izzy can focus more in making this game better. I suggest 1 forum mod who takes turns 24 hrs. just a suggestion izzy.
  8. kuya42na

    English only policy.

    True, although I understand that the creator of this server as well as many players here are from Indonesia we should also be aware that other foreigners also play here. We may not be good in english but at least we should try so we all can at least have a clue what we are trying to say.
  9. kuya42na

    Payment PHP

    thanks izzy, this will make it easier for us.
  10. kuya42na

    Introduce yourself

    Name : Andy Nick Game : Hellboy1 Race : Acc Address :Cavite, Philippines Age : I'm possible one of the few oldest guys here.........39
  11. kuya42na

    So Many Questions

    okay since new player palang ako dito pasensya na sa questions ko. btw I'm an old RF player so d naman talaga ako new sa RF. so here's the question; 1. +6 extreme armor set(donator) VS +7 lev 75 dragon armor set.....which one is better? I'm asking for peace of mind lang if magiging happy naba ako sa donator armor ko or should i waste time mag ups ng +7 dragon armor set. 2. +6 acid bath vs +6 onyx.......malaki ba difference ng damage? kasi kung d nman ganun kalaki i dont think na practical to sacrifice yung +7 na acid bath mo and get risk loosing all. 3. divine booster......ok so nakita ko lang na may ganyan pala dito, and it came to me na sobrang hirap pala din makuha. but the bad thing is walang nagppost about its stats. even izzy didnt posted yung stats so its hard to know if this is worth the while. yun lang mga brothers, and thanks in advance.
  12. kuya42na

    question lang

    kung tutuusin kaya nman kahit walang gastos. nga lang matagal. 3*30 = 90 vote points - 1 month so kung gusto mo ng full set ng donator armor 1 month yun na walang palya 1 set na donator elems 1 month din 1 donator weapon approx 15 days yung 1 cape 15 days din lets say 3 month kumpleto kna siguro nun, tutuusin kaya nman. just be patient. pero kung katulad ko na wala masyadong time. need ng help ng donation.
  13. kuya42na


    thanks izzy by the way for updating the payment website. its more easier now to donate using a creditcard.
  14. kuya42na

    question lang

    lol. mahal nga eh. pambili lang ng isang +6 acidbath. yung 100vp nila cost 2k+ pambili ng either 1 set ng +6 extreme armor or 1 set ng extreme elems.
  15. kuya42na

    question lang

    ok na nagawa ko nag try lang ako ng maliit na donation. ok nman si izzy kausap tinulungan nya ko. yung vp nga pala is in indo rupee sa website nila. majo mahal di n eh nasa 1k plus yung 45 vp.