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  1. feilong14

    help Gm

    i did not used any 3rd party program please GM help me
  2. feilong14

    help Gm

    i hope someone can help me i really love this server..
  3. feilong14

    help Gm

    i really dont know just transfer my GP and looking to buy 15 more FR to make a fallen booster.. and afk coz im cooking my youngist bday today so afk a lot i got dc and my wife play a music bday song in youtube thats all i can remember
  4. feilong14

    help Gm

    what i did not used or do any of that but thanks for the reply bro.. how can i reclaim or un banned my accnt?
  5. feilong14

    help Gm

    help Gm dont know what is memory hacking.. dont used any 3rd party program... thanks for the reply....
  6. feilong14

    help Gm

    help GM i dont know what i did to get banned... user name:feilong24 ign:8th thanks you for the reply
  7. feilong14

    help Gm

  8. Is making dummy account and getting the free armors is bannable. ?