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  1. unknown


    Divine booster have chance of success 50% even you already choose what divine booster style (warrior, ranger or mage/launcher) all player who didn't get his/her divine booster have a same issue like you do when no items on your bag, then you're unlucky.. vice versa.. thank you
  2. unknown

    BUG CB nick Visayas

    you should write player name (IGN) that being suspected using siege bug and please don't edit your screenshot by removing your name etc thank you note: In my opinion, I think it just visual bug sir
  3. unknown

    Chip Breaker Aura BUG

    it doesn't make sense as you said
  4. unknown

    racism with brazil players

    Don't bother him, he just kid who don't know to respect each other. As we know, many players get nice attitude.. so keep rock and enjoy the game!!! Thank you
  5. unknown

    S-1 Elems?

    I think you already get your answer sir! good luck
  6. unknown

    Donation Mantle

    you need to remove all talics from the mantle after you get +0 mantle, then try to extend the slot don't forget to use Dragon Socket Extender to extend you mantle slots thanks
  7. Try to use lastest winrar sir. Thanks
  8. unknown


    GM mungkin bisa cek history IP nya.. nanti di website buat cek IP ketauan daerahnya sama.. btw bisa juga kesalahan player karena dengan mudahnya memberikan id dst All decision on GM hands
  9. unknown

    Changelog 070-02-2019

    before you claim your reward please consider to change DA armor type that you want to claim you can choose between Ranger/Warrior/Force/Launcher thanks
  10. unknown

    Event Merger

    did you follow the step sir? maybe you need to contact GM for further information thanks
  11. I think you didn't miss anything dude maybe you can increase more dodge by getting more PC CAFENET PERMANENT it seems you can keep more than 1pcs and take the effect thanks
  12. unknown


    lol. it can be visual bug dude anyway.. just use screenshot provided by the game ctrl + alt + prt sc ... it will get the screenshot rf folder thanks
  13. unknown

    Password Racoon

    try to use forgot password or forgot fireguard features if you still cannot retrieve the pass and fg try to contact GM thanks
  14. unknown

    I bought it wrong item mantle

    it seems you can't ask GM to change items that you buy because wrong click etc try to collect VP everyday, and buy items that you need later you can get VP by vote in gamecp or change your certain pvp point to VP in gamecp thanks
  15. unknown

    Transfer Donation items

    no, it's not possible since that will make many player abuse that systems (if donation items are tradeable) thanks