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  1. FunnyMan


    I Do Farm MP GP For Bells only MAGES X WARRIOR HQ (lvl 1- 27) 2mins Solus (27-51) 3mins OC(51-56) 1mins Get Elan TP Lume kill Drako Lume (56-70) It Depend on the situation Base on my Leveling fast like 3mins only.
  2. FunnyMan

    Thanks GM

    Bro.Dont Give Up.dont Worry you Get Onyx For sure. Just Pray to GOD!!!
  3. FunnyMan


    He Wanted to get banned RL.since that player doesn't get loot on elems in benteng. That player poor sadly.dont have elems from benteng.
  4. FunnyMan


    You Mean?Your Also a Cora Dude?
  5. FunnyMan

    Bug over damage

    Tsk That mau is overdamage.if you try to unequiped if your acc launcher or cora ranger. it will get you 1hit.. when mau have Mau blessing in stocker lava,Cash shop or NPC. Damage of mau is 20k+ and how much is life of ACC?its just a 25000 Above!!!
  6. FunnyMan

    Bug over damage

    Lol Hve you Ever try get 1hit by spec acc? When losing 1armor in gloves or boots? even they are RL? are you making this stupid conversation?its just a fucking picture. make a video and well see the full evidence if he 1hit you. JUST a picture,cant prove to you anything that he 1hit you.maybe you got loggy and spec hitting you always they when you back in the good mood.then your dead. tsk problem solve.if you have suspicious every character here..try video on the person!!!
  7. FunnyMan

    Racist & Chaos abuser

    What my bother in here. what time respawn of SC Mobs? and how cora and acc got CRH so fast that they could have much it in just a minute. Well its bells or neither acc who always get in the SC spot. But that's not the case.the case that i want to know.in 1day.how many CRH can you farm in 1day? well let see in time SC Mobs Respawn is 20mins or 30mins something and party how many people who farm 8 or 6 or 7 The number of mobs in here 8 or 7 something Each mob drop is lucky like 1 or 2 or 3 right? someone said this to me that in 1day he can get CRH 100pcs? only 1day!! can anyone abled to explain me to this? or even from cora that they cant even farm in 1day.because its acc or bells who taking the spot?but how cora can farm as they like a crh? Just like this person in cora. He got 300pcs CRH? if we say this that acc and bells owning the spot of SC in 20hours how cora can farm in 4hours?? trying to be a mafia?will not help you?cause im sure acc will kill you.. i'm pretty sure you guys aware this.Dupe,or simply secret drop CRH!!!! in every mobs
  8. FunnyMan

    BUG TOWER CM CW1 06-12-2019

    Its not a bug. its just a visual bug.That player towerist got already Quit/DC Have you seen watch closely the video?that tower did not hitting you? because the owner got already DC/Quit Watch in 8second to 11second.
  9. FunnyMan

    Chaos during war

    And you are the person who are not trying to understand my question.
  10. FunnyMan

    Chaos during war

    Have you ever try become Wanted Person? I Think Bounty Player can Kill Player any time without using Chaos!!!
  11. FunnyMan


    Nothing Suspicious. Crit + Damage or your Char Get Delay Move/Bug = Auto Force DC. Even in other Server. just saying that its normal to having DC when get killed automatically,much better to change your network that it wont encounter those two kind Crit+Damage or Get delay Move/Bug
  12. FunnyMan

    EVENT CB GOAL 16-31 May 2019

    Does player can repeat this Event??If he Get CB Again can he do it again ?
  13. You Guys protect that because you know how to used called Bug. So i wont mind this..Me and other bells see this post.Complain about this. why don't you see and understand the situation? I Have a video that I kill him in that time. But the problemw i can't post because of low connection.but dont worry you will see tomorrow.