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  1. boss dennis have everything. MONEY, PRETTY GIRLS AND BOYS.. No need to sell, he BUYS, not SELL.
  2. players like this should be ban. they're more like toxic for the community.
  3. the haters will do this kind of obvious stupidity just to ban Android17 aka DENNIS TAN.
  4. HappySadist

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    admin have nothing to do with this. no rules broken. only both of your race have problems.
  5. HappySadist

    R.I.P SEE

    Because accre have their own WAR by themselves. #JusySayin
  6. HappySadist

    selling account

    True. See you soonest.
  7. HappySadist

    selling account

    Aw.. jeddah. Goodbye again.
  8. HappySadist

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    Nice. Hope this lift up coras pop again.
  9. Having said that, i do remember this update. Changelog 09/11/2019 * Reduce dodge for Special Weapon Belato
  10. Thought he did already? Ive seen the new change log.
  11. I get your point. Please forgive my ignorance.
  12. To be honest. I am not playing that much anymore, infact i dont play that much for this fast few years here in RF XTR. And yes i have notice the damage of isis when i log in last time to check the game. I got kilked by one swing of isis + 1 skill of the user. I apologized for my ignorance.
  13. Why complain now? The server is up and running for more than 3 years now. I dont get you guys.
  14. HappySadist

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    Can i buy popcorn for 2$?