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  1. HappySadist

    Cash Eror

    Did you do something? HUNT/PVP/FARM? If nothing and all you did is AFK. It wont regenerate.
  2. HappySadist

    lost of character

    You can still restore your characters. Go to GCP.
  3. HappySadist


    Thats why it bothers me a lot. Well anyway, like Diether Ocampo said, its the server itself designed to make something like this a normal daily life for us RF XTR PLAYERS.
  4. HappySadist


    Maybe youre right. For this server only.
  5. HappySadist


    Its kinda funny when you run a away from just 1 player when youre a tanker. no exceptions (BELLS, CORA, ACCRE) all the same softness
  6. HappySadist


    Yes. It is clear. I am sharing my thoughts only anyway. May i ask also, IS IT REALLY NORMAL THAT A PURE TANKER CAN ONLY BE OWNED BY JUST 1 PLAYER? Its kinda weird and it bothers me
  7. HappySadist


    Hmmmmm.. i think this is impossible. I fought few times by your side and i dont see or know a ranger with +6 afterneath killing you with 2 skills only. Maybe your hallucinating or just a visual mis calculation if you didnt see it close enough, maybe theres someone else whos hitting Android17 also. So i really think this is not possible since visual bug is often a problem here. Just my opinion. Thank you. I love you all.
  8. HappySadist

    Where is ACC ?

    Sorry. Hahaha Hars and MUC... got carried away when LTD just hit us with one skill lol. Forgot he was RL time and i havent seen MUC lately.
  9. HappySadist

    Where is ACC ?

    2 +7 ONYX USER. Hars and LTD
  10. HappySadist

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Hope to have a feedback for this topic. Whether its negative or positive. Atleast theres a closure. Pero tingin ko para din itong nagmahal ka... heres a song by Rocksteddy. UTI. Para kay izzy. Nagtatanong Bakit ganon? Ba't di maramdaman ang Dating lakas ng character ko? Nagtatanong Ano na ngayon? Kay tagal na lumiban Player ay nasanay nang maghihintay Izzy kung ayaw mo sana man lamang ay sinabi mo Nang di nag hintay ng kaytagal mga players mong ito Nag email tapos na seen lang Lumisan di nag paalam Umasa tapos iniwan Nag email, naghintay sa wala haaaaas Umasa 'tas e seen mo Lang!
  11. HappySadist

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    As expected. Dont push it too hard bro. Lets just wait for his feedback.
  12. HappySadist

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Agreed. Thats why we said its been like this for a long time now.
  13. HappySadist

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    PURE TANK, S2 SETS, CA SET+6 ACCRETIA << GOT OWNED BY ONLY ONE RANGER BELLATO. lol.. really sucks.. dont feel accre's power.
  14. HappySadist

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    +1 to this.. when i started here in RF XTR.. i got excited cause i see that the PLAYERS ONLINE is more than a thousand.. but now, 300+ to 400+? kinda bore me to see this, but its the reality.
  15. HappySadist


    Nahh i think this is not being racist.