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  1. CannedGoods


  2. CannedGoods

    Onyx Creation attempt (with video)

    Nice bro. My onyx attemp didnt went thru also. But im a striker so im fine with +6 for now.
  3. Such small things to argue with. And now it became big cause of OCX did If someone kills you, ScreenShot with time and date, then kill him back. So if he reported you, you can report back with the evidence you have.
  4. lol. Maybe he didnt understand you. Maybe hes one of RaizoR's hater or maybe he just dont read rules
  5. Players are just going online just to observe, then pvp less, afk more.
  6. CannedGoods

    This is Normal?

    Yeah. Thats why i laugh too. I just didnt deliver my message the way it should have been delivered in appropriate on whats going on his video. Commented seriously lol
  7. CannedGoods

    This is Normal?

    Hahahaha.. maybe hes playing near the roads, where you can hear vehicles that are passing by.
  8. 101% TRUE ALSO.
  9. CannedGoods

    Buff after being revived

    no point on arguing about this. walang action.
  10. CannedGoods

    Buff after being revived

    On MACRO or MANUAL. You just cant use any skills/buffs after the given time.
  11. CannedGoods

    CPT Discussion

    For me. Yes. Do it even if the COMPLETION REWARD says no CPT. Just ITEM OR YOUR RACE CURRENCY. Cause most of the quest here are CHAINED QUEST. Finish this before you go to that. Most of the reward at first are CP/DISENA/DALANT or POTS/ITEMS. If you notice, after finishing one quest there goes another one. Finish it all, cause most likely, it gives CPT at the end.
  12. This is also the towerist who hits us with an intent to kill even tho CORA-ACCRE agreed to ally that time in lume. He deploys tower outside SZ and kills accre who went out. Yeah its natural to kill other race, but not at the time when alliance have been placed. A player who cant understandnand simply hard headed is just annoying and irritating.
  13. CannedGoods

    acc players sabotage my account

    maka saya tidak punya apa-apa untuk dikatakan lagi