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  1. Perv

    CHANGELOG 23/10/2019

    Please remove captcha in gamecp to lure old players to play this game again
  2. Perv

    RMT ACC Jainap

    Don't butt in if you can't really what he just said. Look at the SS he given earlier. Jainap said he bought the that char for 200k RP. Honestly you're somewhat annoying, you are trying your best to reply on all threads without understanding the sitation lmao.
  3. Perv

    RMT ACC Jainap

    care to explain why did he said that he bought that char for 200k rp then? if it's not RMT.
  4. Perv

    BUG CB nick Visayas

    if you dont want to be ignored by GM, use the real screenshot not the edited one. and btw bug siege and bug cb is different lmao
  5. Perv

    BUG CB nick iReborn

    oh no wonder his damage was insane earlier..
  6. then what do you think with the words you've said at race chat "WIPE ALL ACC" and "22% is enough"? isn't it a command already? making your own rules? lmao
  7. lmao and do you think it's a good reason to break the rules? you're an old player already yet you're still not following rules at all. and btw everyone knows flamie was you (aka as Jeddah). so better brace yourself for the upcoming ban hammer. "think twice before you act bro"
  8. but rules are rules. you break the rules you get punished. thats all, no matter what reasons you do have. and you're a council right now and that was your command? i do think there's a strict punishment for this guy. goodluck tho
  9. I think that Actaeon is a cora. Dont expect all kids are playing bellato, because you're one of them too. Just sayiiiiiiiiiiin
  10. lol nice edit. haha
  11. Protecting? I don't even know him in game nor in real life. I'm just tired with all the rants you've been saying all the time about accre specialist when you cant beat them LOL. How about make a deal to GM instead? GM will investigate him, if he's guilty using a damage hack, he'll get ban. and if he's not, you're the one getting IP banned instead? That's more interesting tho.
  12. if you can't beat them, report them. lmao this guys motto haha. are you that dumb on pvp? you can kill him easily with his armor 70 set only. why do you have to doubt every spec players. just sayin. im just tired seeing all your post about specs.
  13. Perv

    how remove this in GCP?

    this is sad
  14. Perv


    lmao this is funny. bellato ranger has no delay skill when they use quick skill potion + quick attack buff. they can fast shot as many as they can. trying your best now to ban someone since you got banned too for the same reason right? hahaha try to explore the game first bro.
  15. Perv

    GM Izzy BUG SK Bolivia

    I think it's better if you share a video here before reporting. that would make easier to investigate. i think..