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  1. Really? The date was too old (july 17, 2019). You should've report it sooner if you were really concerned about the server.
  2. Perv

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    Yes. You can choose who to attack players while you are on def rune.
  3. Perv

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    In every 5 minutes, you will be untouchable for 30 seconds while killing 3-6 players at the same time in a group pvp. Yep totally not an abuse.
  4. Perv

    Disable Dual Login For Cw

    Overpowered isis isnt enough, teleport potion high cooldown request granted is still not enough, now disable dual login? Seems like you guys were the one trying to kill the game lmao. How about delete bellato race instead? Kinda tired with all the rants. Hahaha
  5. Perv


    Please use english so everyone can understand what you are trying to say.
  6. Perv


    so my question now is are you guys having fun now with 5 mins cd of teleport potion? HAHAHA
  7. Okay. Here we go again. Another rant thread who sucks at pvp. Mau can survive nukes? Oh how about isis thats hit everyone even the player is on "defense rune"? Hc op heal? What do you expect on a healer class? Can deal 50k dmg? Hc has a low hp you can easilly kill them since they cant use much stealth mantle to heal. If youre a mage put a slow debuff and hes done already, if youre an lc you can sacrifice yourself just to kill hc. Too easy right? Ranger has op dodge? Oh cmon even dodger in cora and acc have a good dodge, bells uses aiming booster too. How about getting a good gears first like s-2 or s-1 set that gives accuracy when you complete the set before complaining? Ive been playing 3 races all these years and tested it all. I do learn how to pvp also just by experimenting what i need. You guys never stop complaining. How about learning how to pvp first? And dont rely on the word "nerf" when you cant beat them. lmao.
  8. Perv

    EVENT ABUSER POLL *make 'em follow set rules*

    lmao, what are you crying for? why not use too? i dont even see any rules that using it isnt allowed tho. stop being a crybaby peeps everyone can use it
  9. Perv

    CHANGELOG 23/10/2019

    Please remove captcha in gamecp to lure old players to play this game again
  10. Perv

    RMT ACC Jainap

    Don't butt in if you can't really what he just said. Look at the SS he given earlier. Jainap said he bought the that char for 200k RP. Honestly you're somewhat annoying, you are trying your best to reply on all threads without understanding the sitation lmao.
  11. Perv

    RMT ACC Jainap

    care to explain why did he said that he bought that char for 200k rp then? if it's not RMT.
  12. Perv

    BUG CB nick Visayas

    if you dont want to be ignored by GM, use the real screenshot not the edited one. and btw bug siege and bug cb is different lmao
  13. Perv

    BUG CB nick iReborn

    oh no wonder his damage was insane earlier..
  14. then what do you think with the words you've said at race chat "WIPE ALL ACC" and "22% is enough"? isn't it a command already? making your own rules? lmao
  15. lmao and do you think it's a good reason to break the rules? you're an old player already yet you're still not following rules at all. and btw everyone knows flamie was you (aka as Jeddah). so better brace yourself for the upcoming ban hammer. "think twice before you act bro"