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  1. Darah

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    monggi diliat point ke-2 bro : Isis Damage di sesuaiin di semua job, brarti summoner jg disesuaikan juga. Jadi biar summoner ga ngandelin ISIS aja, seringnya kan summoner kluarin isis pake tameng sama piso/elven wand. Jadi abis penyesuaian ini summoner harus make staff jg. Kmaren gw udh test ma summoner gw, klo maen ISIS + staff ttep sakit, klo cm ngandelin ISIS doang ga bisa. Ini juga buat cegah war unstable kek bbrp hari lalu, waktu ISIS bisa ngebantu keringin chip ampe 50% cuma dalem 5menit an.
  2. Darah

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Wkwkwkwk kutu mode on
  3. Darah

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Udh tes gw brusan, kekny emg kena nerf deh, bner cm ampe 30kan
  4. Darah

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    mentok beneran kgk, bknny ISIS suka bug ya ? tulisanny level 75 tpi asli ny kgk. Gw dlu jg gitu, trus gw hit lume ampe 60k+
  5. With that logic in mind, does that mean we shouldnt complain about anything ? Like when bells took reign with their OP dodge, and when ISIS damage is clearly over the top ?. The only reason the server has been up for 3 years because there are adjustment (with the help of the player's feedback) made every now and then to ensure somewhat fair gameplay. If we stop doing that then the server wont hold out for much long.
  6. Prime example is last night's war, the war was over soo fast. in the span of 5 minutes, ISIS manage to deal 50% of chip damage, thats insane bruh.
  7. Darah

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    You can direct ISIS to attack whiile in Deff Rune mode ?
  8. Ahahah appreciate the support but I'm not sure it's a good idea for a hopper to be RL. I won't get bells full trust and support like I used to. There are better candidates than me who's loyal to bells anyway.
  9. Yeah I hope Acc rise abit too, I've been focusing on playing acc for awhile, it would be nice to have Acc turn dominating :v
  10. Kurang 1 bells nya, hayoo apa
  11. Oit, v nya capital btw = Vi
  12. Darah

    Fallen Released (Combine Receipt)

    Cliffhanger xD
  13. Darah

    Toxic in game

    Dang it its so small, why not upload the real jpg itself ? instead of you screenshoting the jpg. Oh and DONT EDIT the picture (censoring your own name is editing)
  14. Darah

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    I dont get this part Can you explain further ?