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  1. Theres literally nothing in game worth ranting like a child. NOTHING.
  2. Darah


    If you're above 18 (a.k.a adult) i reccommend using this unique-rarely-used feature called blocking. Its where you block someone completely so they cant contact you. Off course i cant reccommend this feature to a child who only want further meaningless confrontation. P.S. i honestly think that most people who report someone being toxic are people who overreact, unless they are being toxic publicly and bother other players as well. If its only just you, use my reccommendation above. P.S.S people who trashtalk without proof is also dumb, resolve the problem calmly by providing proof and people WILL have your back. Trashtalking solve NOTHING.
  3. Darah

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    you said the word "maybe" i was just clarifying that i indeed use that. Are we clear ?
  4. Darah

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    yes i was using level 55 SK, always do
  5. Nice banget, ke ban juga tu anak, walaupun waktuny ckup lama sbelum ke ban. Gpp lah
  6. Darah

    Invi Hitting Max Range

  7. Darah

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Its kinda flattering to be reported you know, like you are so good that people thought you use cheat, im touched
  8. Darah

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Wow you got DC with that fire ? lmao Aight kid lemme break it down to the bone, i was using what experience call "number locking" (ctrl + number between 1~9) I lock you on number 1, so spam that key number so i can see your position constantly, when you get in range of my launcher (even if you only in range for 1 sec) i can use my godly skill to kill the likes of you. Want me to make a video tutorial on how to do it ? Ill make it as basic as possible so even you can understand (which i doubt)
  9. Darah


    gpp beb
  10. Darah


    SS ingame susah ya ?
  11. Yeah just use number lock, basically an anti invisible trick, but you can only lock as much as the numbers in your keyboard (1~0).
  12. Darah

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    Not a trick really, its more of a statistic game, but your argument is not entirely wrong. And its not a coincidence either. Here is why, when more people online, the chance of you getting a +7 greatly reduced because the rate is divided into each player. Think of it this way, when 10 people want to get +7 it means that each of those people have 10% chance of getting it. On the other hand if theres 100 people trying to get the same thing then it greatly reduce the chance to 1% for each person.
  13. its not "maybe". IT IS lower than 50%. Best case scenario from my experience, 1 bag (20 relic +7) will get you 5 dragon (IF you are LUCKY)
  14. probably one of the biggest bullshit in here. In paper yes 50%, but cmon, anyone who try to make dragon knows this rate is a lie
  15. Darah

    [ACC] Buying>> Judecket +7 in RUPIAH

    beli cuk bkn jual ga maoo, Darah itu relic bells, isinya tak boleh pindah". Pngen bkin baru sendiri wae. Klo Darah ilang, mental bells turun :v