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  1. Darah

    Cora Syah (spamming kills)

    Ahaha this is so funny, hes trying to get kills with dummy acounts ? Shame on him, well hes not that good of a player, he keep breaking MOU and stuff just for kills. I didnt he was THIS desperate. Poor guy.
  2. Selling : [Bellato] 10 NOV +7 = Rp 100.000 [via local Indonesian bank] or 10 JUDE +7 in ACC or 10MP in Bellato Metal Ore = 2MP each 15 White Extreme Gaming Box AND 15 Ore +3 = Rp 25.000 [via local Indonesian bank] Interested ? PM me In Game Darah
  3. Darah

    lost of character

    Character whos not online for 4month or more will be deleted automatically by the system. I dont know how to restore them, but take a look at this article : https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/392-rebirth-character/ I dunno if restoring character still doable.
  4. Want To Sell [Bellato] : 8 NOV +7 = Rp 100.000 or 10MP per every NOV Metal Ore = 2MP 10 Slot Traps = 4MP
  5. Darah


    Man if you are really want to observe that bad, you shoudl've recorded it (or at the very least remember the name who killed you). Im really curious about this one, if it is indeed true its quite dangerous, since this doesnt suppose to happen. When i use after +6 for kill LC it took me 3 hit to kill someone at best.
  6. Darah


    Same, i use +7 and still cant kill anyone with 2T unless they are absolute lowbie
  7. Darah


    Wow what ? really ? 2 hit ? and using Afterneath too ? Even i think this is weird
  8. Darah


    Your weapon must have 0 talic, clean. Once you upgrade them, you cant add anymore slot until you remove the talic
  9. This post is meant as a guide for newbie and casual players alike. I made this post since alot (and i mean ALOT) of people still dont know about Metal Ore and Reborn Plate, how to get them, where to get them, or even how do they work. Well this post (hopefully) will answer all those questions. Lets start simple, the abbreviations and what they look like : MO = Metal Ore RP = Reborn Plate (I'll be using this abbreviations through out this post to save time) Where to get them ? You can find MO and RP as drop from MHSK (Mini HolyStoneKeeper) in ELAN, specifically in LJ (Lack Jaw) in ELAN. The monster looks like this, only smaller, and there are 2 of them every spawn. (They spawn every 30 minutes or so) MO How to use Metal Ore ? Metal Ore can be combine through hero via "Item Combiner", To combine them you will need 99pcs Metal Ore + race currency (Dallant/Disena/CP) The are two possible result after combining MO, either Dragon Socket or Metal Plate. Although you will get Dragon Socket (around 90% of the time) Notes : - MHSK have a thick HP, you bringing a towerist with max tower on site (6 towers) is highly reccomended - Try using level 70 towerist and avoid letting level 75 hitting the monster as it could result in less drop both MO and RP RP Now for RP, it is for a system called Reborn, where player can reset their level back 1, and in exchange you gain items. Facts about reborn : 1) You have to be level 75 to initiate Reborn 2) Reborn can only be used 10x per character (not ID) 3) Reborn Plate are not stackable, which means that even though you have them stacked, it will still be count as one. (ex. if you have 99pcs plate, it will all be consumed once you use Reborn function) 4) You need to have Reborn Plate in your bag to initiate Reborn. 5) Sometimes player encounter error while using RP even though they havent went through 10 reborn in said character(ex. Item Not Found). To solve this, i reccommend switching to different reborn plate, this usually fix the problem immidiately. 6) Reborn also reset your quest line, so you can do quest all over again to gain more cpt. 7) Like any other untradeable stackable items you cant separate them once they are stacked. My reccommendation is to store your RP in bank as soon as you get them from MHSK. So the RP will look kinda like this : (Note that each RP in each slot is still counted as one) How to use Reborn Plate ? After you completed the requierment mentioned above, you can now initiate reborn, here is how : Go to your race's Hero and click "Class Redefine" If successful you will receive the following item : This box contains either Metal Plate or Gold Plate, the number of Metal Plate you can get is random (1~5) HADES POT, specs as followed : After that your level will be reset to 1, and you can restart the process all over again. Thats about it, hope this can help, for more question or correction please refer to comment section. Thank You~
  10. Darah

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    I dont have anything against iReborn, i kinda feel sympathy for him, i saw he was bullied by his own people once. And telling him that hes a weak RL, it was not a good sight.
  11. Darah

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Well now that i think about it, maybe bells really is OP, acc and cora seem pretty weak right now. Like super weak. Especially Acc, like iReborn (the weakest RL in the history of RF XT) seem really weak even though he was RL. I may have been acting on emotion alot, but i do hope this got balanced soon. I feel sympathy for these guys. So sad. However, imo : 1) Cora is rather strong though, they got ISIS and the probability on making dragon and Onyx is higher than any other (even though bells took over farm spot most of the time). They just lack the masses 2) Acc, is basically a graveyard, they need help the most. They keep losing wars, the only time they can win recently is because bells pushing cora during war intead of them.
  12. Darah

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Loool, typical lowbie always complaining about everything, you know if you cant handle other race taking most of the farm spot, you should just, you know.... quit ? Stop thinking about what admin can do better, and start thinking about what YOU can do better. If you cant, just quit, honestly. P.S. just quit
  13. Darah

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Bells fangirl here, valid argument indeed. But every race has it moments, there are times when ACC and CORA prevail most. Its simple Bells turn right now. If you have problem with bells taking spots all the time, simple solution can be done in your end. Steps you can follow : 1) GIT GUD BOI 2) Read 1 again
  14. Darah

    Race Leader

    Who are we talking about here ? RL acc ?