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  1. Foxis

    Farewell Accretia

    Wah parah claim doang di cuanin dong wkwkwk Lagian ente jg napsu bener boss minta claim nya, main kalem dulu kek join guild terus aktif dulu biar keliatan loyal abis itu baru minta claim. Gw juga rada males kalo ada orang baru join guild cuma buat ngeclaim doang abis itu out, tp ga kepikiran buat di cuanin juga Sorry ye pake indo, males mikir pake english..
  2. using chaos and kill a same race because he steal the mobs that's a arrogant behavior not protecting act, you can tell him nicely to don't do that. but now I know if we have a different perspective about that, and that is enough to explain who you are, im done of this talk.
  3. You blame to one person and slander him provoking to indo player last week, you have a proof for that? We not playing because we have a rush and busy in real life, and your guild mates always use chaos to us and abusing farm site. Who provoking who now? I can show up the whole convo of you, are you ready to hold shame for that? Using chaos for kill a same race and abusing farm site is it not toxic? You're truly drama queen in accretia, and all people know that. this is not a one man show, while killergod RL 3 weeks ago all most indo player active and help each other, thats why accretia can get HR. But i dont care about that because im not farm mp and sell gp as like you said.
  4. They always blame to us (indo player) if something happen to accretia, but indo player gone/stop playing accretia because of their behavior and attitude. That's one of the reason why i stopped playing in here. I just want to say, "LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF!". *FYI i get this capture from my friend.
  5. Foxis

    Axral Bug Abuse at Crag Mine Bellato Port

    that is not abuse or bug, that's a tower blind spot. every portal at CM have a blind spot and tower can't hit if you in right blind position, deepen your knowledge again brother.
  6. Foxis

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    yeah this server have many hooper, they always moving if one race owning (except for seller items in every race, they just focus farm and got the money/working from this server. not giving contribution for race). that's the big problem for us, but we can do anything because it is up to them to play in any race. that's right, like i said before. GM/Admin does not have a role for this problem.
  7. Foxis

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    cuma meluruskan aja kasus kaya gini gak bisa di investigasi dan diliat juga itu pilot peerimami kagak toxic dia cuma gak mau ally dan bosan dengan ally yang udah ketebak polanya, 2 bangsa ally = 1 bangsa down. ally atau nggak nya itu urusan race leader masing-masing, GM/Admin ga ada hak ikut campur masalah kaya gini. diluar kalian suka atau tidak dengan pilotnya, yang jelas ya itu char RL.
  8. yes that's not logical, striker with lecas sniper siege have maximum range attack event the advent use dragon ronaldo. but now siege kit level 70 cant reach xclass user (ranger x wr).
  9. yes if your enemy job is adventurer, but that's cora cross job ranger x WR (not have buff extended range like adventurer). still we need lecas sniper siege for that?
  10. something change without changelog is a normal thing in this server, that's why I'm sick of playing here.
  11. you can report him if already got elected and inactive, make another proof to GM/admin for executing him. just wait and don't cry baby, you're race still can farm at nadir now.
  12. If karma jade can not be given to council or RL but can be given to toxic player or MOU breakers, so what should we do for punishing RL or council with toxic attitude/doing break MOU?
  13. Foxis


    Toxic because down mentality
  14. his donation come from money he earn on rmt accounts? how do you know and judging that? are you god or aunty? you make this to personal problem and slander him with no proof, so sad