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  1. Foxis

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    stop it bro, you wrong! we always wrong! stop it and keep quiet!!
  2. Foxis

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    i can explain and answer the reason why, and want to make a health discussion but some people in other side hate me if i'm doing that you are a good player and one of the cora players that i respect, Penny. i hope this situation will have a good solution for every race.
  3. Ahh idk about that, just ask to sir @Izzy maybe he can help you. My pc spec is low to sir, just use core i3 4130, gtx 650, 8gb ram ddr3 and use hdd for system storage. But im playing at 720p resolution not full screen, and it's good enough for play xtr with 2 tabs. I have laptop too with ryzen 5 3550, gtx 1050, 16gb ram ddr4 and use ssd m2 for system storage, i think thats good enough too for play this game with full screen 1080p resolution max texture setting + light effect on. Also you need good connection too, use vpn and set location to singapure or malaysia.
  4. Nope, if you want for smoke effect FJP just use patch light on from website and make sure the texture of detail on very high at launcher setting.
  5. Another patch (weapon on, armor DR + booster divine off)
  6. I do not like small talk people, if you wanna share just share don't talk too much. that's patch half light on (armor DR off, weapon and booster off) own by my self. suitable for player who need good looking and good performance when you play XTR. download :
  7. Foxis


    yeah im feel that too, and sometimes target fix or dread fire have same damage with compound siege trapper skill attack (extinction or fatal stab) can disable enemy deffend stat and blocking, the mean is the enemy have zero gauge deff. but idk how can enemy with no shield can get less damage than enemy with shield.
  8. Foxis

    Farewell Accretia

    Wah parah claim doang di cuanin dong wkwkwk Lagian ente jg napsu bener boss minta claim nya, main kalem dulu kek join guild terus aktif dulu biar keliatan loyal abis itu baru minta claim. Gw juga rada males kalo ada orang baru join guild cuma buat ngeclaim doang abis itu out, tp ga kepikiran buat di cuanin juga Sorry ye pake indo, males mikir pake english..
  9. Foxis

    R.I.P SEE

    Wow you get a biggest fist nebu, lets take and eat that all!! Nice video, btw
  10. Foxis

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    did you mean legend of toxic?
  11. hey bro i know you old player in here, we can accepted if isis pure summoner have a big damage, coz they have special skill "animus maxima". but now since MT with changelog 14/12/2019 betwen isis with pure summoner and cross job summoner have a same damage. don't you feel there is something weird and over power about isis from summoner cross job without special skill animus maxima?
  12. Foxis

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    one time deff rune for five or six kills, this is realy fair XD
  13. Foxis


    just watch this video and you got the point https://www.facebook.com/groups/516420282333705/permalink/530274450948288/ SEE with fully char equipment +7 very high tier item with fallen bow +7 and archon stat, still four time swinging by isis. this is fair? nah!
  14. Foxis


    So that's why pure summoner and xjob summoner have a little different stat damage for isis sir?