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  1. https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/864-breaking-mou-cw-2-5juni2019-last-win-acc/
  2. Berarti Tower DPS line boleh di hancurkan? Dan orang yang menghancurkan tower dps line berarti bebas dari karma? Dan orang yang kill penghancur tower dapet karma? Lihat posisi itu tower cuman buat deff dps line kenak acc aja enggak jauh dari DPS line acc
  3. Why you attack Our Tower? That you know that tower is for DEF DPS LINE OF BELLS ARMY Taht tower even cant reach your DPS LINE so i think that THAT Tower is not harm your people. So Why you destroy it when the chip still 36%? Bells Nick Diamante See it And the proof is on the chat on my screenshot. Think again Who false and Who RIGHT?
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