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  1. kk and why bells and cora has same set option in there fallen set which is 100%?
  2. im talking about set option here lol the issue is not +7
  3. and how come dark ray has a higher defense ability than fallen armor?
  4. i hit bells using fallen bow +6 damage is 7k and bells hit me using onyx bow +7 14k it doesnt make sense i hope admin can check this one...
  5. sh8happens

    def fallen armor

    is fallen armor def bug? how come when i use dark ray(warrior) tower damage is like around 300-400 but when i equipped fallen set (warrior) damage goes around 1000-1200?? also with pvp with dark ray thay have hard time killing me but when i switch to fallen ez kill lol
  6. sh8happens


    below 20% of course they can ds you if they want even rl and rl already talk about the 10% pvp LMFAO!
  7. sh8happens

    Changelog 13/06/2020

    i just tried fallen socket still untrdable
  8. sh8happens

    dark ray box and gp

  9. sh8happens

    claim reward new player

    i think its about time to change also the claim rewards new player into dark ray +6 and onyx +6 +legend elems...many new comers want to play in every race but they cant find a guild leader for them to claim the +6 gear if ever they find one its either not enough members or it already exceeded the claim amount
  10. sh8happens

    Changelog 09/06/2020

    is it possible now to make +7 onyx/dark ray?
  11. sh8happens

    Xjob vs Pure melee: Damage output difference

    @Renz +1 bro every race has there own special buff @diocampo make acc warrior same accuracy as cora also so we can hit dodger bells without using aim booster lol
  12. sh8happens

    possibility to make +7 onyx/dark ray

    @Niko yeah and get 1 slot fallen then sell it to npc goodbye 30 gp 10 fr lol and i choose +7 onyx than +5 fallen lol
  13. just like before making +7 extreme union and dragon weapons are possible so many players work there butt to get 1 of those +7....so i suggest give also a possibility to upgrade onyx/dark ray +7 ingame many players stock or just afk in hq with +6 gear because they know that there is no chance for them to upgrade there gear
  14. sh8happens

    Changelog 26/05/2020

    how about gacha?
  15. sh8happens

    bugger.. tower acc

    cant see the towers lol