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Reduce PB Benteng spawn, From 24 Hours change to 18 Hours for once spawn Read more... ×


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  1. If iam not wrong this break MOU will get reset CPT until 0 Nick : Welyn Time : 2nd war, 31/08/2019
  2. xShynac


    HBD buat anaknya ya pak Izzy Manika ^^ ID : momo3
  3. xShynac

    RMT ACC Jainap

    its not always RMT, maybe pilot play that :3
  4. xShynac

    Teleport Potion

    Love from me for @HappySadist comment, that my suggestion to izzy but i using bahasa so i think many player dont know what the reason GM make this voting.
  5. xShynac

    Kill me at CW 2 at 22%

    edited photo will not process with izzy
  6. when got killed before under 20%, SS and report DS back for revenge is not a good action ^_^ WAR WITHOUT GLORY IS MEANLESS ^^
  7. xShynac

    Share Experience to Your FB

    id : momo3
  8. xShynac

    FREE 20VP

    IGN : Shynac Race : Cora
  9. xShynac

    Annuncement March

    for who still talking about "SKIP HSK" its not the problem, the problem is ACC and Bells monopolize WAR to make CORA down, thats all. maybe, @Izzy already watch our WAR in this several weeks and take this action. thats why @Izzy not respond your complain about RULES WAR.
  10. xShynac

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    ID : momo3 IGN : Shynac
  11. xShynac


    happy war guys
  12. Rule war say : if race win will got attack by 2 race, Condition : Bells(win) , then ACC wait and RG dont know for what and let cora DPS alone its allowed?
  13. xShynac

    Valentine Event

    is letter can be trade?