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  1. all combination still not working atm
  2. Got Banned For RMT without enough evidence of RMT account. Well thats life , ill just leave it here
  3. 4gp in bells = 5gp in cora
  4. Sweety

    selling account

    Hahaha may point ka
  5. Sweety

    selling account

    2k ung anu? May sinabi bang account? Or name? Dinamay mo nga lang name hahaha joketime? Pwede naman goldplate ,
  6. Sweety

    selling account

    Oo mali nga c mikey sayang din, pero ung sakin kahit wala proof sinabi na account talaga binenta ni report nyo, hahahaha makes sense
  7. Sweety

    Strong Bellato

    let me clarify this, as u can see its normal chat, Me Sweety<<< answering questions on pm's, let me explain things to defend my self for using this chats. i got bored on game due last time due to rate of crafting, but ph wants me to be active, then someone asked me if my onyx was given lol. also i many onyx based on what i noticed maybe its given to active members on guild right? that i wont help thing is on belphe they used me to tank but they didnt help to clear thats all, DON'T USE THIS CHAT MAKING IT LOOK LIKE NEGATIVE.
  8. Sweety

    Darkray slot

    any chance adding slot for crafted darkray? like crafted onyx using dragon socket? @izzy
  9. Sweety


    sir what about those who are using Skins? like textures modifier?
  10. Sweety


    Guild: TemptatioN Grade: 4 Guild Leader: Ann
  11. Sweety

    Blink or Not?

    yeah blinkers lol they use hack but considered as lag lol
  12. Sweety


    hahahha napaka sayang, btw nerf lahat ng damage ng weapon hahahha wala na gg nato
  13. Sweety


    where? can u give me 1
  14. Sweety


    the problem here is that other race using there dummy's to vote for inactive leaders on other race, u guys know who and how they do it, u guys keep sugarcoating ur selves,