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    CRH 100x Gold Plate 2x Metal Plate 100x Gold Bar Box 7slot +7 Grace DA[W] 4x +7 Darkness DA[W] 3x +7 Favor DA[F] set 1x +7 Darkness DA[F] 2x +7 Grace DA[F] +7 Grace DA[R] 1x +7 Throwing Knife 2x +7 Beleropon 3x +7 Name of Vengeance 1x +7 Twin Impact 4x +7 Divine Core 9x +7 Soul Eater 1x just tell me what you need and i might farm it with the right price Gcash Remittance Baguio Area Not interested in load Gin/Rum/Whisky/Vermouth/niG
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    wrong character

    ow ok ... thxxx @flamie
  3. i bought a "deffend boster" from game panel. The problem is that i bought it for a wrong character (a level 55 farmer to be exact). Any help how can i transfer it to my main char? if only GM can help .. will they? or i have to vote and wait again thxxx for your answers