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  1. Izzy

    Farewell Accretia

    execute, will HOLD until hes GIVE NAME hes friend Guild Leader selling the packages for claim.
  2. Izzy

    Banned Account - Penny

    Go to FB Page and check the screenshot
  3. Izzy

    Banned Account - Penny

    Go to FB Page and check the screenshot
  4. Izzy

    Changelog 26/05/2020

    Server up, Changelog 26/05/2020 * Added Extreme Weapon (buy with pvp Point HQ) * Added Box Onyx (buy with pvp Point HQ) * Added Dark Ray Box (buy with pvp Point HQ) * Disable Chaos Pot * Chip Breaker Automatic Get Ketupat Event Box (edited)
  5. Will investigation about this problem, and will make asap decision
  6. Izzy


    Fallen Weapon +6 = $250 Fallen Armor +6 = $300 Buy Both get bonus 1000VP + Fallen Wing +6 Dark Ray +7 Armor = $100 Onyx Weapon +7 = $75 S2 Ring 2pcs = $150 Contact Admin via whatsapp or fb for Payment
  7. Permanent banned, Thread close
  8. Izzy

    Changelog 12/05/2020

    Server up, Changelog 12/05/2020 * Fix Staff Onyx and Fallen * Update HS Server
  9. Izzy

    PK for no reason

    This not protected map, just REVENGE
  10. Izzy


    Update info GameCP : Exchange Your 200vp and Try your lucky From Gatcha System Gamepanel, List Item : Metal Plate Metal gold Socket Dark Ray and Socket Onyx Fallen socket Accretia Dark Ray Armor Box Bellato Dark Ray Armor Box Cora Dark Ray Armor Box Ketupat Event Box Onyx weapon Box Fallen Wing box PC Cafe 40% All stat Coupon +7 for upgrade Armor, Wing, Weapon (All Type) =============================== Buy 1100 VP get bonus 400 VP (only event)
  11. Thread closed, he has not even been elected
  12. Your thread not clearly details Who is suspect and what the problem, learn to make post first Thx
  13. Izzy


    Maintenance Finish, Ramadhan Event Start Collect x50 Metal Plate from nadir and Buy ketupat Coupon from Cash Coin Combine at HERO HQ = 1pcs KETUPAT BOX EVENT List inside ketupat Box event Fallen Armor Fallen Weapon Fallen Wing Dark Ray Box Onyx Box S2 Ring Metal Gold Metal Plate Happy Playing
  14. Bassed on hes Answer, we execute for reset hes CPT