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  1. 1. lo bukan SEE 2. Sudah saya beri jawaban langsung kepada ownernya 3. Kepo sekali anda 4. sudah pernah saya jelaskan di Thread yang lain kesalahan kenapa itu dibanned
  2. Izzy

    Farewell Accretia

    execute, will HOLD until hes GIVE NAME hes friend Guild Leader selling the packages for claim.
  3. Izzy

    Banned Account - Penny

    Go to FB Page and check the screenshot
  4. Izzy

    Banned Account - Penny

    Go to FB Page and check the screenshot
  5. Permanent banned, Thread close
  6. Izzy


    The point is, we know now. have missing config file for value beetween Pure Summoner and Xjob.. The pure summoner must have Max value for output the damage of isis Because they have MAXIMA SKILL, this skill only Pure Summoner have so thats why they can give max output hit by isis if used. Xjob still can use isis but they cant get damage same like Pure summoner because they cant buff the isis.
  7. Izzy


    We know the new methode, just wait until next mainenance..
  8. Izzy


    Close Thred before Toxic Player come
  9. Izzy


    Dont kidding Me with $30.000 What is this slander ?
  10. Izzy


    He mean if like him donate then give items for others bellato players DR and Onyx, so why Wheen donate then Not ACC get DR or Onyx Free The answer Just only Wheen to Know, and that is none of our business because it is inappropriate to ask that. He could have saved the VP or given it to someone else or his char in another race. and for that we cannot divulge it.
  11. Izzy

    Disable Dual Login For Cw

    We will not respond to this thread because, no issues have been issued, no Settlement has been provided and neither has the effect of a dual login or not. We do not accept hot balls thrown by the player, then instead make the game not run properly.
  12. Izzy


    Thanks, Will Execute in Next MT
  13. Izzy

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    1. This is the second time that Char has committed a serious offense 2. We strongly do not accept actions like this, even on any server will never accept actions that commit cheats or other server promos, let alone use chat race 3. We have told the Char owner to be careful because it is prone to being infiltrated by "other interests", where the results of the investigation turned out to be a chat that was seen from Complaining about the acc then doing a promotion to play to another server. I am not accusing, but the ID is the owner's own responsibility to maintain its confidentiality and not spread to others, especially from the chat results above it appears that not only 1 person who knows the id data. 4. We do not let anyone become a thorn in the flesh, Play RF EXTREME but "could" be part of the Promotion Team of another server 5. Because based on the available evidence that there is a difference in IP login, then the char will be temporarily unbanned with active masses for the next 21 Days, we will log all char chat logs and investigate for an absolute decision making assessment, if within 21 Days We found just a little element of that good promotion of other servers, provoke etc. Then it is not banned that we will do, but deletion of the ID from the account Thanks
  14. Izzy

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Udah berulang kejadian kek gini, dari eXravaeL yang Promo di ingame trs ujung2 ternyata lagi build PS sendiri dan narik org2 dari xtr kwkwkwk Kalau alasan lain mah gw tolerir, Promo atau Ngajak orang move ?? Ouh tunggu dulu... Ga ada urusan gw mau joki, joke atau apalah namanya. Yg jelas id tanggung jawab yang punya..
  15. Kebiasaan dah kek gini TS nya kabur, Next ada Pertanyaan kek gini gw skip, karena biasanya emang selesai minta bukti udah kagak nongol lagi...