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  1. AlingVicky


    how much fallen weapon material?
  2. AlingVicky

    Changelog 03/24/2020 (NEW FALLEN RECEIPT)

    CM Guardian attack still the same damage.
  3. AlingVicky

    IGN: TheKingOFArcher

    Trading account is allowed?
  4. Is this possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5gkAVdtIEM Skip to 1:01 to watch
  5. As the title says. He broke MOU. ACC Chip status is @ 41.
  6. AlingVicky

    Custom Lightning Effect To Avoid Lagging

    the lightning?
  7. AlingVicky

    Custom Lightning Effect To Avoid Lagging

    how did you do this?
  8. AlingVicky

    Involving Family member

    too much talking. post it.
  9. AlingVicky

    Involving Family member

    create your own topic. don't be an idiot btw, RMT is legal
  10. TFX saying "check mo mama mo baka may nilandi na" MAMA = Mother
  11. AlingVicky

    CORA RL AFK during CW

    You're the toxic one. keep rerolling from one race to another just to get some money.
  12. AlingVicky

    CORA RL AFK during CW

    as the title says. cora RL AFK during cw.
  13. AlingVicky

    +7 accurate < +6 acidbath why

    Because this server is too edited and you can't do anything about it.
  14. People always get butt hurt when they dont get loot on PBs. sadness
  15. The point is he is using KARMA jade the wrong way. This will be given to people who disobeyed MOU. Thats the problem with other SEA region they cant understand the use of the item. Everyone is entitle of getting the Loot of the PB. Who cares right? We shared it to our own Guild mates. Not our problem anymore if you cant out dps/ last hit as far as our know RL already have additional dmg/def bonus. LOL