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  1. lRNl

    Hack Tool: Player Tracking tool?

    Maybe he used a scanner to track you down we have those...an item that shows you enemies on the map
  2. lRNl

    selling account

    public execution etong issue na to....siguro sayo is assassination hahahaha palihim
  3. lRNl

    selling account

    it will never be a goodbye for this man....he will be back...he love this server so much to just quit...see you around bud
  4. lRNl

    CORA RL AFK during CW

    stop defending him....he wasn't late....he AFKed
  5. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    this is getting out of control...ISIS damage was the same for a year now... you just complain now because cora is winning,,,,when we lose, you just shut up and happily farm...wkwkwkw let's just wait for the update
  6. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    i tried explaining it the "friendly" way...hahahah yours is the harsh and much simplier way...hope he gets the point hahaha
  7. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    so if you know that, then use it...wkwkwkw..but thats not what im talking about...it will be a big secret to us experienced ISIS users again it's a matter of skills...an experience player who knows how to use Des rune would kill many players as well... you are exaggerating everything and giving too much emphasis on def rune + ISIS without seeing the bigger picture... sad...wont argue with you anymore...continue pushing with what you feel instead of taking things logically
  8. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    so Destruction Rune is also is an abuse...the effects are the same u die afterwards the use of the item...or if you get lucky enough...you live...
  9. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    using def rune really is not an abuse since it can only be use once every 5 minutes... besides there's another counter to this rune aside from going stealth (i wont reveal it since it will greatly affect our race ) def rune + ISIS is like = DES rune ...if u think about it...different effects but both can put you out of position... Let's just wait for the new maintenance where they will emphasize the effect of ANIMUS MAXIMA...
  10. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    some guys can do it...i dont know why you cant...maybe you lack experience? I myself use def rune when im being ganked by 2-3 players...when you are invisible, the ISIS cant attack you... it is an easy way to say it if you want to be alive...just move away... again you are making an issue with small problems targeting ISIS again wkwkwkwkwk
  11. lRNl

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    you can always go stealth mode and move away from the ISIS right? Problem solved....dont make more any issues with ISIS...it is getting worse and worse.
  12. lRNl

    Changelog 2/04/2020

    i considered it as "Dead" because of the number of players who visits those maps... im basing on numbers