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  1. SylphinFord

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Saya mewakili anak2 barbar turut prihatin atas kejadian ini... dilihat dari bukti tsb, saat login tiba2 berkata seperti itu memang agak aneh... ada baiknya ditelisik terlebih dahulu pak ip address saat raizor login dan berkata seperti itu. Saya tau benar bahwa owner raizor org yg paling loyal terhadap rf xtr. Saya harap raizor diberikan kesempatan terakhir untuk dapat bermain lagi bersama. #salamhangatMirandaZ #pleaserelaseRaizoR
  2. SylphinFord

    Strong Bellato

  3. SylphinFord

    Strong Bellato

    Wah onyx smua, jadi pengen pindah... Ke cora Btw, keep solid bells... #salam2TwithLC
  4. SylphinFord


    Guild: -BarBarianTeam- Grade: 4 Guild Leader: Mirandaz We find the next BarBarian... Come Join to BarBarianTeam... We need member active PVP and farm... #GoodLuckHaveFun #GLHF Regards, MirandaZ
  5. SylphinFord


    Dear All Players I can't claim this reward, because i'm forgot password of my email This event will got claimed, if i have a code from GM to sent by email. But... I'm forgot this my email Thx for attention and... #GoodLuckHaveFun #SpecialSryForAcc #ThxGmForThisEvent Regards, MirandaZ
  6. SylphinFord


    id: ladogi ign: MirandaZ
  7. Do you know some time ago bomba became race leader acc? Some people from Indo always support Bomba. We direct him to be better without insulting, although yesterday he made a few mistakes. So, in my opinion the statement is not true. I really admire players like Bomba and Breezy, their enthusiasm is worth emulating by some acc players. #hanyaopini #justmyopinion #GloryACC #GoodLuckHaveFun Regards, MirandaZ
  8. SylphinFord

    CB trap kill

  9. SylphinFord

    Bells nick NAVEL can hit me on SZ CM

    Ini mah sering ane lakuin pak di port cm bells sama cora, sampe2 disangka cit jga wkwkwk, padahal mah blind spot dr masing2 port cm biar gk kena turret
  10. SylphinFord

    Thanks GM

    Mana ada, +6 doang itu wkwkwk
  11. SylphinFord

    Thanks GM

    No problem, I'll farming again hahaha
  12. SylphinFord

    Thanks GM

    BEFORE AFTER!!! This is RF EXTREME!!!! 32 Dragon is gone?? It doesn't matter to me.... hahaha xD
  13. SylphinFord

    Help me izzy

    I also got the same problem. The solution is to try to convert from pvp to vp. The system will read that you are offline if you do conversion activities and you can log in as before. Goodluck sir
  14. SylphinFord


  15. JAV & BarBarianTeam adalah keluarga