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  1. Ya have to post proof, I know that Program that can make you teleport/exit after getting hit It possible he's using cheat, but ya need a proof
  2. This is Bullshit Rate, lol no joke
  3. perona

    Combining Booster Clarification

    You Can't combine it to Divine Mantle
  4. perona

    this is alarming

    Izzy need to Step up his Marketing Team, Im not kidding this server right now essentialy not healthy for Newbies (Cora and ACC),
  5. Please post Full Screnshoot dont Crop it.
  6. perona


    Yeah, Bells Dodge are too stupid and a little OP
  7. Ha, terserah intervensi Pak @Izzy aja dah lagian Joke Russian dah sering kok
  8. perona

    Direct3D:CreateDevice Failure

    Check ur Graphic Card Driver, dont forget Install Directx and Sound Card if the problem still occur please provide screenshot
  9. Terlalu sensi, apa Russian fanboi? itu nick pun intended, kecuali F**kRussia beda cerita
  10. perona

    Best weapon?

    It Stronger than Relic +7 bruh
  11. perona

    Best weapon?

    No, thats Display only Real Damage is higher than it shown
  12. perona

    A little bit of asking...

    NO ! WHY? It makes it easier to get, you can just AFK at Base to get VP only and then trade it, like HELLO ! You can make the Market Saturated (Relic)
  13. perona

    what to do with this problem

    Whats the problem, send Screenshot bro
  14. perona

    Bug over damage

    Yo, it happens all the time dont try unequip Armor when you're engaging in combat that was the one lead you to 1 Hit Dead
  15. perona

    Racist & Chaos abuser

    Yeah, like Boss Jed doing something in Cora everytime