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  1. schneider420

    Type C Armor

    The servers good. I want to craft these items just for fun that's why I asking where I can get the Inventor's Box. And also to see if it is possible to craft these items.
  2. schneider420

    Type C Armor

    Kinda bored. Can't enjoy the game always pvp everywhere. Just want to play the game like the old days.
  3. schneider420

    Type C Armor

    Where can I get Inventor's Box? I'm trying to create type c armors/shield. Thanks
  4. schneider420

    Def or Avoid??

    For Ranger class, what is much efficient from the two? Thanks.
  5. schneider420

    Purse Charger

    What are those and how to use them? Thanks
  6. Is there a way to change or disable the music? Thanks