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  1. gameagentx

    Who gave me Jade Karma?

    @Izzy can you remove my Jade Karma now? I've had it for more than 2 weeks already and its hard to be online 8-12hrs without getting dc' d. Thanks
  2. gameagentx

    Who gave me Jade Karma?

    Who gave me Jade Karma? and why? @izzy
  3. Beegee here. To explain myself I actually didn't know the rules of MOU, it's my first time entering Mining Core in a CW. I also apologized and I thought this guy OrzGG understood. Actually I just TP'd from HQ to here because I was killed by a bellato so I didn't know that there was a truce. Finally the rules was explained to me after by my RL's. Peace
  4. gameagentx

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    everyone should just move to bellato to farm
  5. gameagentx

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    can't even do the quest because of bells occupying elan like its their HQ