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  1. CcanoyWarrior

    Hack Tool: Player Tracking tool?

    Radar Green And Radar Red Is the same. Different between both of them is to scan if their is a RL/CL from enemies or of your own race!!! what my observe here is. Those People Still Using a Fucking 3rd party programmed like a.nevermind.people know this hacked. too revealed where the enemy hide.even you are far away!!! Thats All!!! Just Saying,they still using that hacked .after izzy changelog someone still trying to used that tool. Fucking Kid player can't played without a hacker tool
  2. CcanoyWarrior

    Spotted insulting GM IGN xXBelatXx

    How Come Izzy Doesn't Notice this post? Maybe Izzy wont affected because he have a big heart after all. not all of us.
  3. Izzy He's Making a Fun With You. IGN:IzzyNAllEatPig The RL Said Go Banned Him With he's All Char and IP Also. He's Making A fun With All Indo.
  4. CcanoyWarrior


    Ahm Bro. There is no S2 At GCP!!!
  5. How To Combined This? OR is this Working? is this the ring S2?
  6. CcanoyWarrior

    CORA RL AFK during CW

    I Saw him Also.He Joined in War. <From ACC trypticon
  7. CcanoyWarrior

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

  8. Much better if we complain on XJOB from cora that they we're using summoner that same damage on pure mage. since many player complaining isis user,i dont complain them because its their best special class. but the problem. a lot of cora using Xjob to get the isis because its a bug damage. XJOB Summoner Vs Pure Mage Summoner is Same damage. player of cora here that playing xjob relying only the isis. since the isis has a greater damage that their own class. Even from Bells xjob Mau is useless also from Acc Xjob Launcher is Useless. But from Cora. Xjob to summoner... No Problem!!!
  9. CcanoyWarrior

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    Pop Corn Pop Corn. Tsk. You lot complaining on the isis since cora now are winning. so if ACC winning again,and Cora and Bells get ally together. don't tell me you will complain again that launcher is OP!!! So if Bells Back to normal and winning again. We fucking did not complain on your mau or the number of your race. and besided. why not complain your mau that has no much def and early expiration of Mau blessing. than complain the isis. stupid midgets. how about 8v8v8 8Mau vs 8Mage vs 8Launcher. Then probably will be win is Mau than Launcher and mage
  10. How about like this android17? how much mobs in 1spot respawn? 3 isn't it? So basically you got only 3 mobs on your spot. Like what you said respect other spot right? I Respect that. because those spot i did not take them. but what i take them mobs is in other spot that no player taking the spot. so literally i did not take their spot.i just took 1 mobs. so if i lure the mobs in other spot that no player take their spot? then if someone taking my mobs should i free to kill it? in 1spot sir we have only 3mobs on respawn. so basically we did not take their spot!!! they already kill the mobs on their spot and lure from the other spot that no player
  11. This People just kill me in settle nadir just because I take one of mobs you take lure? Not all mobs drop you can take it. also your not the only one farming in Nadir!!! why dont you take those mobs in cora? instead killing each other? BTW who gets lure the mobs? that would be he's mobs forever? so if cora get a mobs? no killing? and if your own race get 1 mobs? automatic kill? Hey Dude don't be so aggressive just because no much acc farming. settle is for all race..not only you if someone taking mobs then let it go. you cant loot it all. Chaos Player:phgod20,kigold,KillerG0d Those player are abuser.want to take all mobs by themself,give them a little punishment for this player.
  12. QueenAmerica Killed Me Twice During in CW. He kill me Using he's Summoner Isis. Please give him a punishment. Break MOU
  13. CcanoyWarrior


    Your Right!!! I Agree with you
  14. CcanoyWarrior

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    By any chance, You can still go back play RF XTR, Even you get banned permanently. its just a Set. Beside Easy Vote,Easy Upgrade, not unless the item you got S1 Set And Onyx +7 you got and armor Dark Ray, Its a Sad Life right?