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  1. SainLucca

    Hack Tool: Player Tracking tool?

    Actually it's up to him whether they really have quests in Outcast or not.. That is none of your business.. Most of the players use High-Speed Satellite Radar to whether on the specific map have other race or not.. Some of the players on your race also did the same thing to me before when I still lowbies and try to increase my level in Outcast, bro...
  2. SainLucca

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    LOL.. So, if you luckily enough, then you can get ISIS critical damage on other race who used Booster +7 Chaos.. And combined with available factors on the game, for example Block and most of the case Summoner cannot stand for more than 2t (if your equip use S2 set, the maximum threshold is 3t), so it would be very very rare to see that CRIT DAMAGE.. hahaha~
  3. SainLucca

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    And if ANIMA MAXIMA really increasing chance to crit, it would be "low chance" to get that damage, since most of the players using Booster +7 Chaos, which is reducing CRIT by 50% :v
  4. SainLucca

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    Never saw critical damage when PVP with other race.. thank you..
  5. SainLucca


    FYI: Ha died not because of me, he killed me first and my isis automatically hit him right before my isis returned
  6. SainLucca


    IGN: Ha and Ricto Race: Accretia Reason: BREAK MOU (Bells win, Acc lose)
  7. SainLucca

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    If Isis damage without maxima lower than 37k-38k, then maybe this will be the end of Cora
  8. SainLucca

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    I tried on Lume Archer, 30 minutes after this changelog appear, and isis damage was 37k-38k per hit (using animus maxima). But I did not tried if not using animus maxima yet because I need to work (since today still working days).
  9. SainLucca

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Karena pada diskusi masalah Pure Adventurer di sini, boleh dong share bagaimana damage nya ArnoldFad kalau Pure Adventurer..
  10. SainLucca

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    So many problems that need to be discussed
  11. SainLucca

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Boleh deh kalo situ ada rekaman.. jadi bisa di compare nanti hasilnya.. ketimbang ga debat ga ada ujungnya.. ini gw bukan memihak siapa yg benar siapa yang salah.. ini salah satu solusi soalnya.. Thx
  12. SainLucca

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    FYI: AgnezMoon Onyx nya juga +7
  13. SainLucca here.. First of all, I want to say sorry about this.. Back then I suddenly forgot that ACC win.. It was not my intention to kill bells back then.. In my mind just blank at that time and killed whoever showed up in front of me and as you can see on the picture Ingrid make me realized that ACC is the one who win the war.. Hopefully in the future I won't do this again and make sure who won the war.. Thank you for your understanding
  14. @Izzy I'm not sure who killed me in the game because I got DC immediately after killed, but right after killed in the game, I got message from my Anti Virus Someone who killed me in the game must be use illegal program, since I played this game quite long but never got this problem until now.. Thank you
  15. SainLucca

    Not Fair

    Nick: Assasin1 Race: Bellato Reason: Use MAU level 75 at Ether