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  1. This is so true xjob beats pure classes most of the time
  2. I like pure classes than xjob like in acc if you want to 1hit someone you go striker no other way around it.
  3. better solution but wont be implemented i think, many will complain if they disable cross job.
  4. How about removing xjob completely?
  5. As long as someone keeps donating the sever will be up but pop will be low imo.
  6. Kys

    CPT Discussion

    How about reborn times does it also reset when cpt reset or max is just 10?
  7. Im not sure but if you click a player then use ctrl 1 on him if you press 1 again it will automatically find that player http://rfonlineuniverse.blogspot.com/p/rf-commands.html found it on this site.
  8. Trade 2Pcs Nov +7 = 2 Pcs Aldeb +7 1Pc Dc +7 = 1 Pc Aldeb +7
  9. Kys

    Buying / Trade> 2pcs DAF +7 helmet

    IGN? And Cora to Cora?
  10. I think its to lock target a player