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  1. DiocampoJ

    Type C Armor

    Oh, that I'm no longer sure.. I even forgot the original item requirements heh.. XD
  2. DiocampoJ

    Type C Armor

    perhaps this isn't the right server for you to play with. Almost everything here is modified to a different gameplay like we used to have way back early 20's
  3. DiocampoJ

    Hack Tool: Player Tracking tool?

    Possibilities are: 1. You have been scanned from his scanner 2. PT arrow 3. You have been control-number locked The guy has so much time raiding OC and iritate you on purpose it seems.
  4. DiocampoJ

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    dead man tryna' Flex
  5. DiocampoJ

    selling account

  6. Trade my accre socket extender = cora gp/mp 25mp each
  7. DiocampoJ

    The Fastest Way of Leveling up to 75

    I wonder if there are monsters for CORA like Cloned Carnival too? That you can get to level 36 at HQ without going to a different map.. and for accretia too.?
  8. DiocampoJ

    The Fastest Way of Leveling up to 75

    or.. 5. After killing Clone Carnival, you're at level 36 by then. 6. TP to Ether using Caliana Scroll "CHARM" and you will get to White hole area. TP to ether is faster than going to Outpost. - at ether white hole, kill robots (robot with blades and guns and the passer one) I'm not sure with their actual names. until you reach lv40 or lv41 - at lv41. Kill Callianas until you reach 50. - at level 50, TP to Caliana Scroll "WHITE" you'll spawn at Lure slot, kill ABX until 51. NOTE: Make sure you have your gears ready, because you can't tank Caliana and ABX without armors. Better to have your weapons ready too, for ABX killing. Do prepare these items before you TP. 7. at level 51. TP directly to Outcast, and follow what OP said from here onswards.
  9. DiocampoJ

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    Video or didn't happen. "Kill or ranger striker really easy" Getting to die after 2 hit won't get your gameplay anywhere. Barely helps.
  10. DiocampoJ

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    I never made a test yet, but before this patch took place.. Isis already hit 37k-38k on Lume archers. If it's still the same after this patch then that suggests the fix did not work.
  11. DiocampoJ


    1 HIT Final blast is gonna be real. I would certainly go for this.
  12. DiocampoJ


    Well.. Xjob, you get the following 1. Decent Damage 2. Defense (with or without shield) 3. HP 4. You have the melee's def, but could attack in Long range 5. Speed.. cause Melee armors not only have good def, but high movespeed.. And, you can use BBC (Big Black ....) What more could we ask for? Let's go xjob!
  13. DiocampoJ

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    Even amateurs do this kind of trick. I wonder what level of capability you are in if you can't do the same. Hey buddy, wanna end this discussion real quick? Go play summoner, I'll give you all def runes you want. Let's figure it out together if it's really worth ranting for. edit: or worth complaining for.
  14. DiocampoJ


    I don't know man, no matter what set they're wearing. If they have isis behind their backs, their still like a walking cotton ball. They are my main source of kills. Basically, a walking food. Those people Trash talking are playing fools. If we believe we're more of an intellectual beings compared to them, we shouldn't get annoyed and instead, feel sorry for them for being unfortunate on human intelligence. Let them TT.. I suspect those people trash talking aren't from Cora, but from different races. They made the race toxic on purpose. Either way, if we're only troubled by their trash talks.. Then it's no issue. "Let's sit back, observe things with logic"
  15. DiocampoJ


    You know what, here's the point. Ya'll complain really hard on isis damage. Try playing one for 1 week. Or even post a streaming video if you really could dominate the battlefield with the isis you're complaining that's really overpowered. I'd presume ya'll quit halfway with deaths spiking more than just your kills.. Even with xjob, a summoner x melee can only have 33kHP with Onyx/Dragon staff.. 31kHP with Golden Knife. You're still like a walking cotton balls.. So yea, play summoner on live stream. Let's see the result if the isis is really worth complaining.