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  1. Foxis


    hope like this: 1. Onyx Grenade Launcher 2. Onyx Dual Axe 3. Onyx Sword just hope
  2. Foxis

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    did you mean legend of toxic?
  3. Foxis

    Changelog 27/02/2020

    so why you play in this server? just talk to admin if you want to know why animus maxima have different effect from other server.
  4. Foxis

    CORA RL AFK during CW

    i saw him too, but i dont see you in CW before
  5. ah finally you realese this thread before i explaining to you, but whatever for now. honestly i never believe about number in this server, example like job adventurer in cora have a superiority in accuracy stat, you can reach 386 accuracy stat whitout aiming booster and accuracy potion, but you know what? that is still miss for hitting bells with maximum avoid. they still need accuracy potion if don't want to missing hit. another example, dragon acitbath +7 have biggest number than onyx lance +5 but the fact is onyx lance +5 have biggest damage than dragon acidbath +7. so my conclusion is, DONT BELIEVING ABOUT NUMBER! just use your own item for reach maximum ability and you will get the formula for killing other. oh and once again if you want to reach maximum ablity you have te sacrife something, that's it my first and last reply for this thread, i was too tired to always arguing in here.
  6. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    sorry i'm already sleep last night so i can't join for test with you. but i still in my statement, pure job like punisher still need accuracy potion to kill ranger with maximum avoid (466 avoid with CA) and cross job ranger x WR although already use accuracy potion is still miss then must use aiming booster to touch that. you can watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MnGh6o961A in the video, the first test i try with my friend char ATITOM it was purely punisher the best melee job with high accuracy stat in accretia and that still need accuracy potion to touch bells with maximum avoid (466 avoid with CA) and i admit i don't need aiming booster because that's the advantage of pure job. the second test i try with my own char Giovanov it was cross job ranger x WR and i still need accuracy potion and aiming booster to touch bells with maximum avoid (466 avoid with CA) and that's the disadvantage of cross job. the results in my test is, that's realy fair and i can accepted. but in your video, i can't see the stat avoid because your friend just tell you how much he have avoid in the chat and not shown with real stat. for launcher i thing launcher armor have more accuracy stat + add option accuracy from siege kit and in my opinion this is reasonable, other then that if you use siege kit you have more disadvantage because you can't move your char and the advantage is high in accuracy and high damage, so i thing this is still fair.
  7. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    if you comparing with raizor of course he can destroying MAU with once time DS coz he ST and the RB always covering him, but not at all striker can to be like raizor. are you sure? why i can't to kill Lelantos with just grace gloves and aiming booster? i still need acuracy potion to kill him, and for the pure class like punisher and templar we still need acuracy potion and gloves grace +7 although we admit we don't need aiming booster.
  8. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    MAU can't destroy with once time nuke, 1 hit MAU catapult with MB 28k-32k to player, but in your race no one player consistent playing MAU. so you want ranger bells untouchable? then what should we use for killing ranger bells if not use aiming booster + grace darkness +7 + compossed potion? just with destruction rune?
  9. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Just wait hoper coming back home, and kaboom! MAU squad will take CB again XD
  10. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Udah udah, susah ren. Mereka benar, kita yang salah.
  11. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    karena itu kan saya bilang mage dengan staff nya punya potensi yang sangat mengerikan, tapi teman-teman anda bilang kalo itu ampas.
  12. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    susah ren, skip aja udah ga usah diladenin. dia paling bener pokoknya XD
  13. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    RF dengan HP 20k-30k maksimal damage paling tinggi juga di 8k-12k, kecuali striker bisa 18k. udah cukup fair sebenarnya disini dari semua sistem nya, cuma emang isis kemarin terlalu OP untuk cross grazier. ranger striker 2 kali sabet mutlak mati, WR mode full deff + tamengan sekali swing 18k-20k.
  14. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    loh, kok mengartikannya seperti itu? saya ga ada bilang jadi acuan dan semua mage jadi setara damage seperti AgnezMoon. maksud saya ga ampas itu dalam artian staff punya potensi, contoh nya ya AgnezMoon tapi kalo semua damage mage setara ST+CB buff ya ambyar lah dua bangsa. kalo misalnya damage staff itu ampas, gimana dengan nick ApaKabar dan Flavalicous? mereka cuma rakyat tapi kok gak jarang saya mati sama mereka? gimana tuh?
  15. Foxis

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    untuk cora punya skill dark force tempo yang mengurangi delay skill force, antum keluarin 12 kombo force setelah selesai masih bisa lagi dan lagi ngeluarin 12 kombo force. kalo seperti itu tandanya antum sedang di lock angka, dan lock angka msh bisa ngeliat musuh yg mode stealth walaupun kedip-kedip. disitulah ada yg namanya force restraint sama debuff yang berguna untuk mencegah sekali keliatan langsung goler, cara main mage itu ga segampang ranger atau WR yang asal tabrak.